For once I want to post my weekly column on a Friday evening. Seeing as I have very little time for it this evening I set my self the goal of getting one done in about 1 1/2 hours or so. Hopefully I won’t get distracted but seeing as I have a beer next to me I am pretty sure I will. Time to get started since I will have to leave in a good 2 hours.

I did not do anything Amiga related this past week. I wanted to work a bit more on Aros but sadly, as almost every week, nothing of that happened. Looking a bit further into Aros I see there are two IRC chat channels. There is #aros and on the ( FreeNode network. I quickly installed IceChat 9 RC5 which is a great IRC client. I did not install it yet on my new Acer laptop.

IceChat 9

Time to enter the #aros room to see what is going on there. Not much activity going on but I am only there for a short while. I will stay in the rooms to see if the activity starts to pickup later on.

Who are actually the main Aros Developers? You have Aaron Digulla, Adam Chodorowski, David Le Corfec, Fabio Alemagna, Matt Parsons, Matthias Rustler, Michal Schulz, Nils Henrik Lorentzen, Ola “4pLaY” Jensen and Sebastian Heutling. I am currently also digging through all the programming material so I know the ins and outs when it comes to programming on Aros.

Google Plus

Earlier this week I signed up for Google Plus. The only reason I did was because of RetroGaming Radio and it’s host Shane Monroe. I don’t want to miss out on the extra’s that are being done on Google Plus regarding RetroGaming Radio. And since I am there I might as well make friends with other people I know or don’t but will be.

With a good 30 minutes or so to go I am actually going to make it. Before my wife and I can enjoy the Friday evening, also known as the start of the weekend, we need to post some packages and after we have done that we are going to cook a nice dinner and enjoy the Friday evening. That usually means the both of us on the couch with each their own laptop. How cool can you get as a couple? Have a great weekend everyone.