I surely could use some access to that cabinet last weekend. I felt it coming on Friday evening and instantly you know the weekend is blown to pieces. The only plus is that you don’t have to be at work and with some luck your wife will try to take care of you. Somehow I still manage to dig a bit into programming on Aros. The bit I dug into was Zune which is a (nearly) clone of MUI. The quote the developer docs “Zune is an object-oriented GUI toolkit. It is nearly a clone (at both API and Look&Feel level) of MUI, a well-known Amiga shareware product by Stefan Stuntz. Therefore MUI developers will feel at home here, while others will discover the concepts and qualities that Zune shares with MUI.” I know pretty much nothing about MUI although I do understand the concept a bit. But since I got some experience on OS4.x with programming the GUI it would not take long to understand the Zune/MUI concepts.

The whole week has passed and we have reached the next weekend already. The first few days of the week I was still really sick but towards the end of the week I got much better and the weekend was alright. Sadly the weekend will come to an end soon and I would have to crawl through a whole week of work again to reach the next weekend.

One thing I really wanted to have and working was remote desktop between my laptop and my Icaros desktop. I got that up and running (Saturday) last evening. The reason I wanted this is that sometimes I might be sitting downstairs with my laptop but still want to do a bit of work or programming on my Icaros desktop which is sitting upstairs. A rather small column this week but next time I will have a lot more to talk about.