With only 4 more working days my holiday 2012 is just around the corner. It starts on Friday the 12th of October and will last till Monday the 5th of November. But it gets even better. This weekend I will have the place to myself. My wife is on a business trip to France leaving me behind for the weekend. I can do whatever I want without any complaining. As long as I get the house in mint condition again on Monday.

Back to the Future Trilogy

So what’s the plan? Movies, watching a lot of movies. Topping the list is the Back to the Future Trilogy. That’s going to be some great fun. Currently the plan for this is this Saturday night doing all three in a row. But before that there is plenty of time to do Amiga stuff. This weekend without any Amiga stuff is just not right.

I am pretty sure that after watching the Back to the Future Trilogy I am going to be excited even more to review Back to the Future 2. But for that I need a joystick and unfortunately the order I placed some time ago is still pending. With no response from the online store I have to consider this a lost cause. I will go to the bank to claim the money back that I wired. This coming week I will purchase a joystick so that when my holiday starts I can review Back to the Future 2 and plenty of other games as well. Getting ready for the big movie event of the evening.