It’s Thursday evening October the 11th and my holiday has officially started. And what a great start it had. First I had Pink Floyd playing money on the radio on my drive home and when I checked my mail I had a mail from the company with which I placed the order for the Competition Pro USB joystick and considered a no go telling me they will ship it today. Weeks have passed without any response so I already considered it a loss.

Competition Pro USB

That means I can start doing some game reviews which I am really looking forward to. First up is the long awaited Back to the Future 2.

Back to the Future Part II – Title Screen

I think I will do part 3 after I have done part 2. I am really curious if it will work on my Aros desktop. I am pretty sure it will. The only problem might be that the emulation would not be that fast. But I love to be surprised so we will see. Time to enjoy my long awaited holiday.