Back to the Future Part II

This game is on my top list of games to review for some time already. I remember it as a game that did not really impress me. But since I could not remember it very well after the first level I might be proven wrong. Also I watched the movies recently so I feel like pretty excited about the game and it might change my opinion about it. I had the first level demo of the game before it was released and I played it a lot. I was frustrated by the controls and also it was a really long level doing the same routine. I really did not like hovering with the skateboard (from now on called hoverboard) and hitting your opponents and picking up stuff. Maybe because I played the demo too much? Time to find out. On to the review Marty!

Back to the Future II – Level 1

With 5 levels to finish we are starting with level 1 having to guide Marty on his hoverboard through the streets. Just as I remembered the controls are not pleasant and after a short while I started to dislike this level. The memories are coming back and having to do the same routine forever (it certainly feels like this) I can’t help thing when will this level end? First time players might still feel good about it for some time longer but soon they also will realize it’s the same routine over and over again. Will level 2 be better? Let’s find out.

Back to the Future II – Level 2

In level 2 we have to get Jennifer out of the house. The controls had me confused and I had to consult the manual. You have to open the doors so she can move around but all the other occupants in the house will start moving. It is a sort of puzzle and sadly not the last one. Level 1 suddenly seems so much better. All in all a really poor level. It surely does not look promising and I am wondering what level 3 will hold.

Back to the Future II – Level 3

In level 3 the objective is to battle your way through Hill Valley and reach the DeLorean. This is a really difficult level since often you have a lot of bad guys coming at you at the same time and due to the limited options you have you won’t be able to get rid of them all. I find this a boring beat em up level. At least it is not that long as level 1 and I got to see Strickland. Actually this seems to be the best level so far which says a lot about the game. On the level 4!

Back to the Future II – Level 4

Level 4 is a puzzle game which makes me think about Terminator 2 which also had such a puzzle game like this. I don’t like these kind of puzzle games. Maybe I just don’t have the patience for it. So far this is the worse level of the game. Time to play the last level.

Back to the Future II – Level 5

Great Scott! Level 5 is just like level 1. The objective is to stop Biff giving the sports almanac to his younger self. Same shit different level. At this stage you can’t help yourself thinking “Why would I still try to finish it?”

For me the game is really disappointing. For me level 3, the simple beat em up game, is the best level of the game. I do enjoy the music but who does not like the theme song of Back to the Future? Unfortunately the music is not going to make up for the rest.

Below you can see some ratings from various magazines from Hall of Light.

Back to the Future II reviews – Hall of Light

Now comes the part of rating the game. After playing it for the review I won’t play it for a long time to come. I won’t class it as a one time play since I surely will play it again at some time in the future. But I am pretty close to classing it as a one time play. I am sure for the people that play it for the first time might give it a few more attempts. Being such a big fan of the movies I wish they made a better game than this. Personally I feel that a game that carries a movie title should adopt itself to the movie. What you see in the movie is what you have to do in the game also. That clearly is not the case with Back to the Future II. That alone will cost you points in my book. On to the verdict.

The Bucket Diary gives it a rating of (great Scott) 20%.