I did not even count on it any more since I had ordered it over a month ago and there was no response from the on-line reseller. But to my surprise I got  a mail on Thursday 11-10-2012 apologizing for the lack of response and that they would ship it the same day. That would mean they should deliver it the next day (Friday) and they did. The € 18,75 I paid for it included shipping which seems like a good deal to me.

It is the so called Summer and Winter games edition and comes with a disc with those two games and also 33 Amiga Classix (that’s what the box said) games.

Competition Pro USB – installation menu

The installation for the games started in German. Since I can read German it is not a problem for me. During the installation there is no option to select the language. The printing on the box is also in English so you should be able to install it with the English language. Even so just clicking a few buttons will get you through.

The included games are: “Anstoss; Arkanoid; Course of Ra; Defender of the Crown; Eliminator; Fussball Total; Goal; Grand Monster Slam; Hanse; Hard ′n′ Heavy; Hollywood Pictures; Hybris; It came from the Desert; Logical; Lords of the Rising Sun; Lure of the Temptress; Mighty Bombjack; Mission Elevator; M.U.D.S.; Nebulus; Paperboy; Patrizier; Pinball Dreams; Pinball Fantasies; Rings of Medusa; Slam Tilt; Space Harrier; Stadt der Löwen; Super Skidmarks; TV Sports Basketball, TV Sports Football; Vroom; Winzer”

Amiga Classix game menu

Once you click on the game it will start WinUAE (if you have it installed) but starting it you will get a message from WinUAE saying you need to installed a floppy disk image. I will just start WinUAE and browse for the games myself. Not really a big issue for me since I care about the joystick and the added games are just a bonus.

The joystick is really great. I could never love a modern joystick. I just feel at home with a classic joystick. Now I can play all the classic games with a classic joystick using WinUAE or even Janus-UAE on Aros. Jumping to Aros I can say it was detected just fine on my Icaros desktop. I can really recommend purchasing the Competition Pro USB.