You would almost forget that AmiWest is around the corner again. Edition 2012 is this coming weekend. Had to believe that a year has already passed again. It’s just now that I have been going through the stuff that is planned for this edition. I am pleased to see that Aros will make it’s way into AmiWest for the first time. Both Samuel Crow and Jason McMullan (from the UK) will be there as Aros representatives. Not sure if we will see some kind of presentation from them but it would be great if they did and if it would be recorded.

AmigaOne Netbook (

I am curious if we will hear some more news about the AmigaOne netbook. It seems there has not been any news about it since the last show. I don’t expect it to be available this year but I would love to hear some more news about it. I have to say that since I started to work with Aros I am following the OS4.x news a bit less. With not much time to spare I am using my free time wisely with Aros being at the top of my list.

I am in my first week of my holiday now and all that free time already resulted in a lot of writing for my blog. I did some game reviews which was a lot of fun. With my new Competition Pro USB joystick I am even more fired up to play and review games. It is just really great having all that free time. Even my column gets done and published in time. Having done some game reviews next up would be the programming bit again. Focussed on Aros I will be doing some more programming on Aros. I already did some research on Aros developing but there is still a lot more to learn. Time for some Aros coding.