I am pretty sure that every Amiga user had a Ninja / Karate period. I surely did. Maybe it was because of the movies / tv shows they played but my god did I wanted to play those Ninja / Karate games. Here’s just three examples that made me want to play those games.

The Master

American Ninja

The Karate Kid

I am trying to remember what Ninja / Karate games I played. First one that comes to mind (no disrespect to upcoming games I will talk about) is Shinobi. The graphics are poor considering what the Amiga is capable of doing. Still the game play is not that bad and does get me hooked to play it for a bit. The best part to me is the throwing of Ninja stars which seems to (if I remember correctly) be happening in between levels. The left hand shows the Ninja starts and the right one will throw them at your opponents. I will give it some more tries to see if I can reach that part of the game.

Shinobi – What is Spiderman doing there?

Next up is the classic IK+. A masterpiece by Archer MacLean. Who did not drop the pants?


One game that cannot be left out is The Karate Kid II. It’s not a bad game at all. I kind of enjoyed playing it and I still do to be honest. Every time I see one, or all, of the three Karate Kid movies I have this urge to play this game.

The Karate Kid Title Screen JPG


The Karate Kid Breaking the ice JPG

There are a lot more that I played and currently I am discovering which ones they are. I remember some of them are really poor when it comes to graphics and game play. This is going to be a lot of fun.