I talked about this game before and that I wanted to review this one in the near future. That time has come and I am actually looking forward to it. This game I could never really play since the second disk had a read/write error. It turns out I did manage to play a little bit since I remembered the first part of the game. The object of the game is to get Ben Richards through 4 game zones and a TV studio. It’s show time!

The Running Man – How to jump on that beam?

Zone 1 is called the Ice Rink and contains the stalker SUBZERO which you will have to deal with. When I started with Zone 1 I remember that I did play this part before so the read/writer much occur after this part or during. Right away I remember that awful first part of having to get onto that beam. I kept trying for minutes while defending myself against the dog. While trying I suddenly had Ben running and that’s when it hit me that I most run and jump to get on the beam. If you move the joystick twice quickly in the same direction Ben will start running in that direction. And with my first try running and jumping I got Ben on to the beam. I am still annoyed by the fact I could not move on at the start of the game. When you are on the beam you have to move on to a next one right away and with the limited space it is difficult to get Ben running so you can jump. If this is the case for the whole zone and the ones to come I am going to be really annoyed. After getting on that beam and moving on I easily fall into a hole while having to jump and I start and the beginning of the game. Now I am frustrated.

The Running Man – Bad controls making it impossible to play

I am not even far in to the game and I get stuck at the jump part since the controls are so horrible that I keep falling in to the hole. Sorry but this game is just awful and I decided to stop right there. This game is not worth my time and effort any more. The horrible controls make it impossible to play this game. I am surprised that it is this bad that I don’t want to continue.

Below you can see some ratings from various magazines from Hall of Light.

The Running Man reviews – Hall of Light

Just have a look at those scores. How can you give the game such high ratings? CU Amiga gives it a whopping 79%. As part of there score they give it a 75% for playability. I wonder how many people based their purchased on that review. It’s not just CU Amiga since other magazines also rate it rather high. Can I actually give it a rating since I don’t even want to play after just starting the game? Not really. But the game has a nice intro and the rating you see below is just for that since the game alone would get a rating of 0%. Harsh? Not really since the game is awful and not worth spending a penny on. Especially when you consider I stopped out of frustrating just minutes in to the game.

The Bucket Diary gives it a rating of 5%.