I am having a blast with my holiday. Sadly I only have about one week left. The time you have to do things and especially regarding Amiga stuff is just amazing. I got to write a lot so far and played endlessly classic Amiga games.

But currently most of my time is going in to Aros. Especially programming for it is getting a lot f my attention. I am still trying to get MUI experienced. 🙂 If you read some of my other Aros postings you know that I love the fact that it runs on cheap hardware. This is a deciding factor for me and for many others I guess in these times. I just don’t have the money to purchase OS4.x hardware and even if I saved up for it (that would take some time if possible) I could not justify this to the home front. Based on  the purchase price for hardware you could line up the three OS’s as follow: Aros, MorphOS and OS4.x. I would love to be able to run all three to get some comparison done. So far I can with Aros and OS4.x but I would love to add MorphOS to it. I hope I could buy some cheap hardware next year to run MorphOS. I guess my best bet is a Mac Mini.

With Aros also becoming available for all SAM hardware one wonders what this will stir up. In the Amiga world cooperation and friendliness don’t really work as can be seen from the past. Aros is really (I know it has been there for some time already) getting some momentum at the moment. It is maturing, runs on several platforms and not to mention on cheap hardware. But now it is making it’s appearance on OS4.x PPC hardware and I cannot help thinking what will happen between those two “camps”. Sure no one will buy SAM hardware to just run Aros but having the ability to do so is a big plus. I can’t help thinking that the legality of Aros will be put up for discussion. You just know there will be trouble. It will be curious to see when the first signs surface and till what extend this will be pursued.

I am currently working on a series of articles under the topic “After the collapse”. These are articles about the collapse of Commodore. The build up to it and what happened after the liquidation. This will bring back some memories to us Amiga fans. I probably have the first article posted this coming week.