Last week was just insanely busy leaving me with really no time resulting in no blog postings including a column. I was just craving for the weekend. No work just relaxing. Well not entirely since we would stay at my mum and dad for the weekend. It was my mum’s 65th birthday so it was a rather important event so we decided we would stay. We would arrive on Saturday afternoon, eat/drink/sleep, and leave again on Sunday. We don’t live nearby but about 1 hour away but this time we really did not mind the travel because on Friday we picked up our new car.

Mini 1.6 Turbo 16v Cooper D

We are really loving it. It drives like you are floating in the clouds and all the cool stuff it has is just amazing. We really needed a proper car because we make a lot miles. I am really excited every time we need to use the car.

Another great thing about going to my parents is the great stuff I still have there. this time I had a look at the tabletop game Safari from Bambino. It crossed my mind while listening to the July 2012 episode of RetroGaming Radio which featured a section about handheld games. I really need to catch up with all the episodes of RetroGaming Radio which is what I am currently doing. If you have not listened to it before I really urge you to get started.

Safari – top view

Safari – bottom view

Safari – controls

Safari – instructions

I must have gotten this game from my nephew somewhere in the Eighties. What’s really strange is that he was also at my mums birthday. I got it like this without the box. It runs on batteries but it also had a power supply. This was a home made adapter and I did not wanted to plug it in afraid I would blow up the fuse box. It is not a really interesting game. You have to capture animals in a cage which becomes rather boring after a short while. It was a big nostalgic trip down memory lane while I took some pictures. I did play it for a couple of minutes last time I was at my parents.

Another week has passed and I finally managed to finish this column. It must have been such a long time already without running Aros. I want to play a bit with X-AMOS and write about it. It is really sad I am not able to produce as much articles as I did during my holiday. I have plenty of ideas for articles I just need to time to write them. I also love to do some more game reviews. Maybe I should ask Santa for time this year.