First column of the year! I started the first day of the year really good by spending the afternoon playing with my A1SE and OS4.1 Update 6.

Retro Gaming Roundtable

Retrobits Podcast

I thought I would look for some interesting retro pod casts. Thanks to the Twitter feed of I learned about two new retro pod casts; Retro Gaming Roundtable and Retrobits Podcast. I would really recommend to have a look at the site of since it contains a lot of interesting stuff. I already listened to the last episode of each podcast and I really enjoyed it. Give it a try and let me know what you think about it.

It has been a rather busy (second of the year) week and finally I have a bit of time on this Sunday afternoon. Not that much since later this afternoon, like so many times before, we have other engagements. At least I wanted to make the first posting on my blog for 2013.