Commando - Title screen

A couple of degrees below zero on this Sunday afternoon so that can only mean one thing, Amiga! I tried for some time already but I am unable to get Commando to work on WinUAE. It crashes a while after the title screen appears. From what I remember reading on the internet it has to do with the sound. Did anyone get Commando to work on WinUAE? If so could let me know the settings you are using?

A-FTP Server

When I transfer files between my laptop and A1SE I use a FTP server on my laptop and a FTP client on my A1SE. This is how I transfer files since there is no FTP server on OS4.1. But now A-FTP Server has been released for OS4.1. My first attempt to transfer files was successful. Not only could I transfer files it also did not freeze or crash. Surely it will happen sometimes but that is just my combination of A1SE and OS4.1. I give it to thumbs up and this will be a for sure my most used utility of this year

X-AMOS output

I have had some playtime with my A1SE and OS4.1 this Sunday afternoon. For some reason XAMOS does not really work on my setup. It displays output as it should but not executing the code it was started with.

Fast forward to Saturday, still cold and lot’s of snow outside, so what better time to have another go at XAMOS. Sadly I had no time since last Sunday but with a new weekend amongst us I have some time to get XAMOS to work. It seems to freeze the whole machine when I run it. I got Snoopy running but because it freezes I can’t get the log. I guess I have to look a bit further into this.

Retro Gaming Roundup
I came across another great podcast called Retro Gaming Roundup. I am in the middle of RoundUp 55 and so far I am loving it. I have added the soundcard back into my A1SE so I got sound again. First time I heard the OS4.1 startup sound. I forgot about it but I had my boxes on when to my surprise I heard the sound. Time to play around a bit more with OS4.1 while I still have time for it.