Tuesday evening and I am actually spending some time with my Amiga A1SE and starting with this column already. It has been a long time that I actually fired up the Amiga A1SE during the week. I do believe I had it on during the week last year when I was installing OS4.1 but before that must be ages ago. It feels really good and I am trying to do this more often.

A-FTP Server

Suddenly yesterday A-FTP server stopped working. When I start it I get a Grim Reaper message. From what I can remember the only thing that changed is that I used AmiUpdate to update MUI GUI toolkit and realtime.library. And I manually copied the latest SDL library to the correct folder since AmiUpdate was unable to perform the installation. I had some USB lines in the kicklayout file that I had enabled again so at first I thought this is what is causing it. But after disabling them again it still gave me the same error. I even downloaded the latest version of A-FTP server but also that version gives me the same error.

A-FTP Server Grim Reaper message At the moment I have no idea how to resolve this. I am really sad about since I really loved the way A-FTP Server worked. I will run Snoopy to see  if I might be able to locate the problem. I also just posted on AmigaWorld to see if others might be able to help.

Friday evening and somehow I found out a bit more about the issue I have with A-FTP. For whatever reason I decided to start Jack to see if that had the same problem since it was also programmed in Hollywood and it indeed had. So it is Hollywood related. Still not found a solution but I have a bit more time now to loo into this.

Sunday morning and I got it sorted. I checked the Grim Reaper info and I found out that svgimage.hwp was causing this. This is located in the Hollywood folder in LIBS. I downloaded the plugin that contains this file and removed the current one and copied that one to the Hollywood folder and I was up and running again. One thing I really overlooked is that once a program crashes and the Grim Reaper shows it will not bring down the whole system. Before with these messages it was game over. Maybe not right away but as soon as you clicked something it was bye bye. Big improvement in OS4.1 Update 6 and really happy about this.

Time to wrap it up for this week’s column. Looking back on this week I am happy with the amount of time I was able to dedicate on my Amiga stuff. I am certainly going to keep this up as I should.