Being true to what I said in my last column I reserved this Monday evening for spending some time with my AmigaOne SE and OS4.1. Not the entire evening but getting about one or two hours would be some achievement. After a Monday work day you just got to relax and what better way then calling upon the mighty Amiga with it’s sidekick OS4.1.


CodeBench is a Jack of all trades but I still always compiled my code from the shell. Even when you could do it, and with CodeBench is intended for, from within CodeBench I would still do it myself from the shell. But not any more. Now I also us CodeBench to compile my code and tell me about any errors and if there are none run it to see the end result.

I have a lot of Amiga plans I want to realize this year. One of them is starting something I will program and actually finish and during it write about it so you readers can learn some things. Like the Redhouse File Manager but actually continue and making it to the end. I wanted to start something new and something that I could get behind and finish. I will continue with Redhouse File Manager at some point but I am afraid that if I try to use that as a project now I would not get motivated enough to keep going. So I need something new and exciting. Besides a File Manager I always have had a soft spot for creating an editor. So that is what I will start with and slowly move forward and adding stuff to it and write about it. I am already writing a bit for the first article. Looking at what I have written so far here and that I am also working already on the first Amiga Editor article I really have a great Amiga start of this week.

Skipping forward to Friday evening. The start of the weekend and time to publish this column and start working on the Amiga Editor project. And of course play some classic Amiga games.