One of my plans for this year was to start programming something on OS4.1 and actually finish it with the purpose if documenting every step so people could learn something from it. I tried it with the Redhouse File Manager but at the moment I am not as excited about it as I was before so I want to start with something new and exciting. I will continue with the Redhouse File Manager at some stage but for now I decided on something new. I decided to start programming, at first, a simple editor.

Amiga EditorAbove you can see the start of my Amiga Editor project. Just a simple window with the title “Amiga Editor”. I started a series of articles called “ReAction – Opening a Window” before and with three published already and one pending I decided to take them off-line and use them for this project. I will write about every step I take and provide the code and explain it as well. This will really benefit the people that want to program on OS4.x.

Amiga Editor - Window infoThe above picture shows the lines of code that will setup the window that you see in the beginning of this post. It’s not difficult to understand and even without any background info on ReAction/Intuition you somehow can make some sense out of this. The biggest hurdle will be to understand ReAction/Intuition in order to get your stuff working. Over time you will understand more parts of it and things will suddenly make sense but it can be very frustrating at times. It is not uncommon to use code in your program that you don’t fully understand but it gets the job done. But overtime you start to understand it, major ego boost, which is one of the best feelings you can have as a programmer. Next time I will discuss some snippets of code.