I am coming down with the flu so what better way to play classic Amiga games on this Saturday afternoon. Besides that I read that there are some new updates available on AmiUpdate and also on OS4Depot. This is going to be a great fun filling Saturday afternoon.

Scooby and Scrappy Doo - Title ScreenI decided to give Scooby Doo And Scrappy Doo a try today amongst many others of course. It can be difficult to find a game to play. I am trying to remember the ones I played when I was young and left a good impression. Plenty to pick from and surelenough to get me going this afternoon.

AmiUpdate - 16-2-2013Time to run AmiUpdate and the latest updates installed on my Amiga. There are 4 new updates which installed without any problems. This is a great way to get the latest updates installed on your Amiga. I said it before already but OS4.1 Update 6 is running really stable on my A1SE. Sure I got my odd freezes and crashes but that is due to the A1SE. But besides that it is a big improvement. You can say what you want about the A1SE, it still runs after all those years. I wonder if you can find out more info on the updates that are being installed. For example what will be fixed or introduced in this new intuition.library update.

A-FTP ServerA new version of A-FTP Server was released today. Of course I installed it right away. This is really one of my favourite utilities. It still allows me to transfer files between my Amiga and laptop. A very happy man here!

Jungle Command
Besides playing games I have to of course fire up some good old Amiga demos. I am giving all 3 Music Invasion discs from The Jungle Command a try. What a blast from the past.

Saturday evening here and that was a great afternoon. Time to grab some dinner and watch some great movies. Still left to do for this weekend is some programming on the Amiga. Sounds like a great weekend doesn’t?