On yet to be released new Amiga game I am really looking forward to play is called Tales of Gorluth. I have seen the video of it and it looks really nice. It is designed by Patrick Nevian. I hope he will release a demo version soon so we can have a bit of a try.

I have started on a new series of programming articles for OS4.x called “File Attributes”. It will be about programming with files on OS4.x. From opening a file, obtaining it’s attributes and much more. I have already released the first article called “File attributes – Opening a file”. Before I write the next one I will write a next article for the Amiga Editor section. I will talk about libraries and their interfaces. I did talk about this before but it’s always good to bring it up again.

Ernie und LockeCurrently I am listening to the latest episode of BoingsWorld. This time Ernie & Locke are also present. This time they are on the show as interview partners. I am just a small bit into the interview section and so far I am having a great time listening to it.

AmigaVikkeI came across rather interesting site called AmigaVikke. The site is dedicated to coding the Amiga the old way. It’s new and at the moment there is only a Copperbars tutorial on there. It is interesting to read some Assembler code and explanation.

A rather short column this time but since I had not written one for some weeks I prefer getting one out even if it is is a short column.