A good start of the week for me since I just posted “Automatically opening of libraries and classes (part 2)”. I posted part 1 yesterday and I thought I would waste no time and get part 2 done and posted today on this Monday evening. Not only that, I also have started to write the column for this week already. At least make a start with it. Hopefully it will not just stay at only this Monday evening that I am doing some Amiga work. But if it will at least I got some stuff done on this Monday evening.

Hyperion Entertainment Message Boards LogoYesterday I checked out the Hyperion forums a bit. My interest is the developer forums. I joined almost a year ago and yesterday I made my first post. I got some good response which is nothing but good of course. I had some questions regarding the Dos Library. Things have changed a bit since the old days. I want to get certain info about a file like for example the size, date it was created or the comment (something new). The comment part can contain for example a URL to the file or website on the internet. The function ExamineObject() is what we can use for this. I will write about this in my “File Attributes” series in The Bucket Programming Corner. Currently I am writing some code that will use this function to try and get all sorts of info from a file.

amigalogo.jpgAnother great source of information for developers is AmigaOS Documentation Wiki. All developer info is on there or will be placed on there. It is also for normal users who can find a lot of useful information on the site.

It was a good thing I already started to write something for this weeks column. After Monday evening nothing got done until now this Saturday afternoon. I made some good progress on my “File Attributes” series in The Bucket Programming Corner. I was looking into the ExamineObject() function to get certain information of a file and I just got it to print the file name and also the comment info of a file. I was amazed how fast I got it to work. Normally I have to battle a lot of errors before it will do what I wanted it to do.

Amazingly I started to write this column about 2 weeks ago on a Monday and since that time I have done nothing on this or any other Amiga related stuff. That just shows how weird things can get with trying to find time. I am trying to improve upon it this coming week. I will try to finish the ExamineObject() article for the “File Attributes” series in The Bucket Programming Corner. We will see next week if I manage to get some Amiga stuff done as planned.