Cliffhanger - Title screen

cliffhanger - Starting point

I was really surprised when I came across the game Cliffhanger for the Amiga. This is, can’t recall I ever did, the first time I saw it and I had no idea this game was made for the Amiga. I am always excited about new games I never knew existed. I played it a bit and it’s not that bad but it has not excited me that much yet. I guess I need to play it a bit more. It did get me excited to go out and look for other Amiga movie titles. I guess I played most of them but still it might be fun to play some again or come across some games I never played before.

Amos Professional User Guide

When I was back in Thailand for a holiday in 2011 I wanted to bring back a lot that we left there when we moved to Holland in 2005. At first I wanted to bring back my Amos Professional manual but at the last moment I decided not to bring it and made room for something else. I wish I did bring it because when I have one of my Amos flashback moments I want to read it it. I did believe I brought it back since why would I leave such a book in Thailand? But I did leave it there.

Mastering Amiga C

Another gem I left there was the “Mastering Amiga C” book. My issue with this book is that I hate it and love it. I want to have it when I don’t and don’t want it when I have. And of course now I want it. And the good news is that I will have both of them soon. My wife’s parents are coming to visit us for a holiday so I will have them bring it with them. All our stuff we left there is stored with them. I just hope they will be able to find it. At least I got the pictures of the books so it should be no problem for them to find it.

Mastering Amiga Amos

I am pretty sure that I also have left “Mastering Amiga Amos” in Thailand. If so it would be a great addition to the other two gems. I want to do some more stuff with Amos so both the manual and this book would be helping me a lot in this.