Monday evening so I thought I better start writing a bit since usually I manage to start writing something on a Monday evening but the rest of the week I get nothing done. I thought it might be a nice idea to keep a daily log on Amiga activities. This would also push me to work a bit on Amiga stuff each day. But I already know this week won’t be such a week I could do that so I will put it in ice for the moment.

Rambo III - Title Screen

I am looking for a game that I can use for my next game review. I think I will pick Rambo III for this. Not so long ago I had a bit of a go at it and I enjoyed it. It might be some time before I actually have the time to sit down and play and review it but I certainly will. This is really my type of game. I remember being a bit jealous of the C64 since it had a lot of these games. The top view walk around war games in which you shoot and blast your way through enemy territory.

I get most of my Amiga news from other blogs. I subscribe to their RSS feed so I won’t miss anything. I don’t visit the Amiga forums that much anymore. I also follow some Facebook pages with Amiga information. I thought that creating a Facebook page for The Bucket Diary would be a great addition. It will give me the opportunity to share other blog postings and upload some great Amiga pictures. If you are on Facebook just check out The Bucket Diary Facebook page.

Platoon - Title screen

Platoon - Starting point

I am pretty sure that I played Platoon first on the C64 before on the Amiga. I just gave it another try and just like I remembered it is a really difficult game. Getting shot after a few steps each time is a big show stopper. I don’t remember if it was also difficult when playing the C64 version. I am happy to hear your thoughts on this.