It has been a while since I did some work on the editor project. It was time I made some progress. Lately I got this urge to keep doing as much work on Amiga programming as I can. I try to do at least a bit each day and if I am unable to do any actual programming I try to do some reading to learn. Also my attempts at getting something to work and actually succeed in it does make me feel great and feeds my passion to do more.

I thought I better give the project a new name and thus Redhouse Editor was born. I already have the Redhouse File Manager (a bit dormant at the moment) so I should stick to the Redhouse home name.

I already had the Window part (basic) done and to handle the text I will use the Text Editor gadget. It provides you with functions to handle text so a rather handy gadget if you ask me. I don’t know that much about it but from what I read online it does have some limitations. Surely I will come across them and when I do I will see how I will cope with it.

Redhouse Editor

The above screenshot shows some text added in the window. Still all really basic but I am happy I was able to add the text to it. You can also already type some text in the window. I also want to add a row of icons on top to give it a proper look. But before I do that I want to add a menu to it. Next up is adding a saving routine to the code so I can save the text and opening it as well. I think I will do both together with the menu part.