CU Amiga Coverdisk July 1990

The one thing from this disk that I remember vividly is the Flood demo. Throwing those hand grenades was the coolest thing you could do.  

I should have the disk somewhere but it would not surprise me if I used it for another game or program. Disks did not come cheap so whatever you did not really need you used to copy something else on. I still try to remember if I have the magazine. It must be somewhere together with all the other magazines. 


You can download the coverdisk from Amiga Magazine Rack.

CU Amiga Coverdisk July 1990 - Flood

CU Amiga Coverdisk July 1990 – Flood grenade

I played the Flood demo a lot. I remember that at one point all I did was throw those grenades. But Flood is a good platformer and certainly something you would play again. The great thing about these demos is that you get a good feel of the game before you part with your cash. 

CU Amiga Coverdisk July 1990 – The Plague title

The Plague is not really my kind of game. I played the demo a couple of times and I even might have played the full version a couple of times. CU Amiga did gave it the highest rating of the ones I could find. Mark Winstanley from Amiga Power describes it as… “The Plague? I’d rather have tetanus”.