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First thing I did when I arrived in Lampang (Thailand) was to check the book case for all my books I left behind when we moved to Holland. And to my surprise there it was; the Amos Professional User Guide. I can’t believe I left it behind in Thailand. When we moved I was working on some Amos related stuff for which I would require the manual. So what made me leave it here? I really can’t remember why I left it here. Besides the manual there was a lot more great stuff I left behind. There was the “Mastering Amiga Amos” book from Phil South. And also the “Mastering Amiga C” book from Paul Overaa. I also discovered the Amos Club Holland Newsletter 1, 2 and 3. And there was also the “Amos PD Catalogue November 1990”. I just had another look at the book case and I discovered my original “Amos the Creator” manual. I had an old 1.2 version of the manual in Holland which I bought, together with a lot of other Amos stuff, from another user some time ago. I already search for this manual for some time for which I was sure it was in Holland. Talking about a discovery of great significance.

I have some other books I left behind which range from the Microsoft history to Netscape and other computer related books. But my greatest love, and holy bible, is the book “Fire in the Valley – The Making of the Personal Computer” from Paul Freiberger and Michael Swaine. This is something I will save for back in Holland and reserve some time and piece for it each time I want to read it. I want to savour every page of that book once I read it again. I really recommend you to go out and purchase this book as this is a classic and great read. If you are like me and love the history about computers, especially the start of it, you will love this book. It tells you everything about the golden days of computers.

I started to read “Mastering Amiga C” and noticed (probably the reason I left it here) that the Amiga has a very small role to play in it. It does talk a great deal about the Amiga C compilers but when it comes too actually programming in C on the Amiga there is not much information. It mostly discussed C in general. There are better books out there that will teach you the skills of programming in C. None the less the Amiga info in the book is of valuable to anyone. I could have a lengthy blog posting about the lack of good programming information for Amiga OS4 but I better save it for another time.

Enjoy some pictures of my discovered treasures.

Last Saturday when I was at my parents looking for my external USB modem I also came across two (yes you read it correctly) AmigaDE SDK boxes. I had to think about it again just now being in Thailand. Back in the days when my wife and I lived here I bought the HP iPAQ because of the AmigaDE. It was going to run on handhelds which was the reason I bought it. I already had the SDK before I moved to Thailand. Actually I bought the SDK the minute it came out. Like I mentioned before I have two SDK boxes. The reason for this was that with the second box you got the discount voucher for 100 dollars on Amiga OS4. I am not sure if the famous t-shirt was also part of this. I still have the voucher and info at my place in Holland so I will look it up when I come back. Also the SDK was expensive so I did pay a small fortune for all of this. I can’t help thinking what in the hell I was thinking buying this let alone believe this could ever amount to something. It must have been Amiga love and devotion. When I am back home I will take some pictures of all this stuff and post it here.

The iPAQ serves us rather well. It still works and my wife uses it as a glorified MP3 player when she is on the road. It was and still is a big part of our family. Another good thing that came out of the iPAQ was the introduction to KenRadio. There are periods I don’t listen to the show but after some time I get back to listen them daily. Hmm come to think of it when I am back home I will listen to them again daily. Ken Rutkowski hosts the show together with Andy Abramson. These two guys know what they are talking about and made me love technology even more.


I remember the first time I read about them, early nineties Amiga Magazine issue 16 page 38. In Holland at that time (eighties and nineties) Amiga Magazine was the best Dutch magazine around. The magazine came out every two months and the agony of waiting for the next issue to come out was unbearable. One memorable moment was when I went by bus on a Saturday to the next town to get the new issue when there was a snow storm going on. As a result I got stuck since no bus showed up but I had the magazine so I did not care. I had something to kill time before my dad came and picked me up. I am still reading all the issues I collected today. Talking about being fanatic.

Amiga Magazine Issue 16

Back to the main story, Team Hoi. I have lost count on how many times I read that article about them. It was about their new game called Hoi and how badly they got treated by the publishing companies trying to get it published. They instantly became my heroes. I wanted to become like them. Write software for the Amiga and become rich and famous.

Team Hoi – Ramon Braumuller, Reinier van Vliet and Metin Seven

Both Reinier and Metin also wrote various articles for Amiga Magazine. Through Metin’s articles I got to know a bit more about Team Hoi. I always loved the way Metin wrote his articles. When I write something I try to write it “Metin” style.

Amiga.nl has placed all the Amiga Magazine editions online in pdf format. You can find them, including issue 16, on http://www.amigascene.nl/modules/magazines/index.php/index.html

You can find the life story of Team Hoi on http://www.metinseven.com/article_hoisaga.htm

A big salute to my heroes, Team Hoi!

Last Sunday I was trying out the latest version (2.6) of NetSurf and it crashed the same way it did with the previous version. With almost all sites it comes up right away with a SSL certificate window followed by the Grim Reaper. I really wanted to get this to work so I contacted Chris Young from Unsatisfactory Software to see if he had any ideas what might be causing this. After a few mails (crash log info) he provided me with the development version 3.0 which worked without crashing like before. He released this version yesterday for everyone to try out.

Great work Chris! There is always a lot of bitching and moaning on forums but as you can see good things do happen. It surely made my Sunday. Cheers Cris.

I am a huge fan of disk magazines (our source of information back in the days) so of course I am in the possession of The Vague. Currently only two editions exists and it could be a while before a third edition would be released. One of the great things about the magazines is the music they contain. There is always something that stands out. For the two current editions I fell in love with the song “Clear Mind” by Jakim in the second edition of The Vague. I am pretty sure I have heard it before in the past because it sounds so familiar. Does anyone have some more information about the artist Jakim? If so please let me know since I am curious to learn a bit more and maybe even find out where I heard this song before in the past. The song can be found on The Vague website and is worth listening to.

I am always excited to try out new software released for OS4. I had seen RunInUAE before but never tried it out. Till a few weeks ago when it came up often on the Amiga sites. What RunInUAE is?

RunInUAE is intended to make it incredibly easy to run old Amiga games on Amiga OS4, and it comes with an easy installer, so that you can:

Run almost any HD installed 68k game (or program) inside E-UAE, by simply double-clicking on it! Including WHDLoad & JOTD JST installed games.

Run ADF games by double-clicking them. (Needs a little bit of manual set-up if you don’t have at least OS4.1 Update 1.) Otherwise just drag & drop them onto RunInUAE’s icon in AmiDock or it’s AppIcon.

The installer can set-up E-UAE with full-speed Sam-optimised settings. But it can also use your existing E-UAE settings if you want.

The installer will copy the necessary Kickstart ROMs off an Amiga Forever CD, if you don’t already have them installed.

You do not need to set-up any assignments, nor create or edit any cryptic scripts or config files, for it to work! (Unlike alternative ‘solutions’.)

Current version is r3 and can be downloaded from the below links.

Christopher Handley’s website


I was hooked the minute I started to drag & drop my first game on to the RunInUAE icon. I tried some games in E-UAE before that did not run but with RunInUAE they worked. What I love about it (besides the easy install) is that out of the box you can run your games without having to fiddle with the settings for a considered amount of time and loose interest in the fact that you wanted to play some games.

RunInUAE is very addictive, easy to use and shame on you if you have not tried it yet.