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Run the Gauntlet Title Screen

I did a review on Run the Gauntlet some time ago. I did gave it a rather bad score. I am still sticking to it even after I played it again for this section. I actually started to dislike it even more. The horrible controls for the game are just killing it. I actually had some fond memories about the game but it must have been the show on the telly. Also in most cases the fond memories are more about what was happening at the time of playing the game. That usually makes you think it was a great game until you actually start playing it again. Don’t get me wrong, not all games with great memories turn out to be bad.

The best thing about the game for me is the intro. “Hi, I’m Martin Shaw. This is Run The Gauntlet. If you want to see Action Sports…. This is the place to be!” It’s worth it just to fire up the game for the intro. I remember doing that a lot with the speakers on full.

Most memorable gaming moments does not necessarily mean good things. One thing I always hated, and happened near the finish just about outrunning the competitors, is when the explosion happened right when you are going over it with your speedboat, hovercraft or jet ski. Let me know if you have any Run the Gauntlet memorable gaming moments.

License to Kill

License to Kill

If you read my Licence to Kill review you know about me trying to get to the next level  in Scene 2 part 1 and that I was stuck. But thanks to the movie I was able to figure out what to do. For me this is a memorable gaming moment.

As you can see from the video you need to “harpoon” the plane. At first I thought you have to stay behind it for a certain time to finish the level. But trying to do that for some time without nothing happening got me thinking that this was not the way to go. In the movie 007 climbs aboard the plain so that made me think I need to get to the plane. After trying the controls I figured out to movie to the plane, climb aboard and complete the level. That was a great feeling to be able to finish that level. Especially since I was stuck here for a long time.