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Cliffhanger - Title screen

cliffhanger - Starting point

I was really surprised when I came across the game Cliffhanger for the Amiga. This is, can’t recall I ever did, the first time I saw it and I had no idea this game was made for the Amiga. I am always excited about new games I never knew existed. I played it a bit and it’s not that bad but it has not excited me that much yet. I guess I need to play it a bit more. It did get me excited to go out and look for other Amiga movie titles. I guess I played most of them but still it might be fun to play some again or come across some games I never played before.

Amos Professional User Guide

When I was back in Thailand for a holiday in 2011 I wanted to bring back a lot that we left there when we moved to Holland in 2005. At first I wanted to bring back my Amos Professional manual but at the last moment I decided not to bring it and made room for something else. I wish I did bring it because when I have one of my Amos flashback moments I want to read it it. I did believe I brought it back since why would I leave such a book in Thailand? But I did leave it there.

Mastering Amiga C

Another gem I left there was the “Mastering Amiga C” book. My issue with this book is that I hate it and love it. I want to have it when I don’t and don’t want it when I have. And of course now I want it. And the good news is that I will have both of them soon. My wife’s parents are coming to visit us for a holiday so I will have them bring it with them. All our stuff we left there is stored with them. I just hope they will be able to find it. At least I got the pictures of the books so it should be no problem for them to find it.

Mastering Amiga Amos

I am pretty sure that I also have left “Mastering Amiga Amos” in Thailand. If so it would be a great addition to the other two gems. I want to do some more stuff with Amos so both the manual and this book would be helping me a lot in this.

A good start of the week for me since I just posted “Automatically opening of libraries and classes (part 2)”. I posted part 1 yesterday and I thought I would waste no time and get part 2 done and posted today on this Monday evening. Not only that, I also have started to write the column for this week already. At least make a start with it. Hopefully it will not just stay at only this Monday evening that I am doing some Amiga work. But if it will at least I got some stuff done on this Monday evening.

Hyperion Entertainment Message Boards LogoYesterday I checked out the Hyperion forums a bit. My interest is the developer forums. I joined almost a year ago and yesterday I made my first post. I got some good response which is nothing but good of course. I had some questions regarding the Dos Library. Things have changed a bit since the old days. I want to get certain info about a file like for example the size, date it was created or the comment (something new). The comment part can contain for example a URL to the file or website on the internet. The function ExamineObject() is what we can use for this. I will write about this in my “File Attributes” series in The Bucket Programming Corner. Currently I am writing some code that will use this function to try and get all sorts of info from a file.

amigalogo.jpgAnother great source of information for developers is AmigaOS Documentation Wiki. All developer info is on there or will be placed on there. It is also for normal users who can find a lot of useful information on the site.

It was a good thing I already started to write something for this weeks column. After Monday evening nothing got done until now this Saturday afternoon. I made some good progress on my “File Attributes” series in The Bucket Programming Corner. I was looking into the ExamineObject() function to get certain information of a file and I just got it to print the file name and also the comment info of a file. I was amazed how fast I got it to work. Normally I have to battle a lot of errors before it will do what I wanted it to do.

Amazingly I started to write this column about 2 weeks ago on a Monday and since that time I have done nothing on this or any other Amiga related stuff. That just shows how weird things can get with trying to find time. I am trying to improve upon it this coming week. I will try to finish the ExamineObject() article for the “File Attributes” series in The Bucket Programming Corner. We will see next week if I manage to get some Amiga stuff done as planned.

On yet to be released new Amiga game I am really looking forward to play is called Tales of Gorluth. I have seen the video of it and it looks really nice. It is designed by Patrick Nevian. I hope he will release a demo version soon so we can have a bit of a try.

I have started on a new series of programming articles for OS4.x called “File Attributes”. It will be about programming with files on OS4.x. From opening a file, obtaining it’s attributes and much more. I have already released the first article called “File attributes – Opening a file”. Before I write the next one I will write a next article for the Amiga Editor section. I will talk about libraries and their interfaces. I did talk about this before but it’s always good to bring it up again.

Ernie und LockeCurrently I am listening to the latest episode of BoingsWorld. This time Ernie & Locke are also present. This time they are on the show as interview partners. I am just a small bit into the interview section and so far I am having a great time listening to it.

AmigaVikkeI came across rather interesting site called AmigaVikke. The site is dedicated to coding the Amiga the old way. It’s new and at the moment there is only a Copperbars tutorial on there. It is interesting to read some Assembler code and explanation.

A rather short column this time but since I had not written one for some weeks I prefer getting one out even if it is is a short column.

I am coming down with the flu so what better way to play classic Amiga games on this Saturday afternoon. Besides that I read that there are some new updates available on AmiUpdate and also on OS4Depot. This is going to be a great fun filling Saturday afternoon.

Scooby and Scrappy Doo - Title ScreenI decided to give Scooby Doo And Scrappy Doo a try today amongst many others of course. It can be difficult to find a game to play. I am trying to remember the ones I played when I was young and left a good impression. Plenty to pick from and surelenough to get me going this afternoon.

AmiUpdate - 16-2-2013Time to run AmiUpdate and the latest updates installed on my Amiga. There are 4 new updates which installed without any problems. This is a great way to get the latest updates installed on your Amiga. I said it before already but OS4.1 Update 6 is running really stable on my A1SE. Sure I got my odd freezes and crashes but that is due to the A1SE. But besides that it is a big improvement. You can say what you want about the A1SE, it still runs after all those years. I wonder if you can find out more info on the updates that are being installed. For example what will be fixed or introduced in this new intuition.library update.

A-FTP ServerA new version of A-FTP Server was released today. Of course I installed it right away. This is really one of my favourite utilities. It still allows me to transfer files between my Amiga and laptop. A very happy man here!

Jungle Command
Besides playing games I have to of course fire up some good old Amiga demos. I am giving all 3 Music Invasion discs from The Jungle Command a try. What a blast from the past.

Saturday evening here and that was a great afternoon. Time to grab some dinner and watch some great movies. Still left to do for this weekend is some programming on the Amiga. Sounds like a great weekend doesn’t?

Being true to what I said in my last column I reserved this Monday evening for spending some time with my AmigaOne SE and OS4.1. Not the entire evening but getting about one or two hours would be some achievement. After a Monday work day you just got to relax and what better way then calling upon the mighty Amiga with it’s sidekick OS4.1.


CodeBench is a Jack of all trades but I still always compiled my code from the shell. Even when you could do it, and with CodeBench is intended for, from within CodeBench I would still do it myself from the shell. But not any more. Now I also us CodeBench to compile my code and tell me about any errors and if there are none run it to see the end result.

I have a lot of Amiga plans I want to realize this year. One of them is starting something I will program and actually finish and during it write about it so you readers can learn some things. Like the Redhouse File Manager but actually continue and making it to the end. I wanted to start something new and something that I could get behind and finish. I will continue with Redhouse File Manager at some point but I am afraid that if I try to use that as a project now I would not get motivated enough to keep going. So I need something new and exciting. Besides a File Manager I always have had a soft spot for creating an editor. So that is what I will start with and slowly move forward and adding stuff to it and write about it. I am already writing a bit for the first article. Looking at what I have written so far here and that I am also working already on the first Amiga Editor article I really have a great Amiga start of this week.

Skipping forward to Friday evening. The start of the weekend and time to publish this column and start working on the Amiga Editor project. And of course play some classic Amiga games.

Tuesday evening and I am actually spending some time with my Amiga A1SE and starting with this column already. It has been a long time that I actually fired up the Amiga A1SE during the week. I do believe I had it on during the week last year when I was installing OS4.1 but before that must be ages ago. It feels really good and I am trying to do this more often.

A-FTP Server

Suddenly yesterday A-FTP server stopped working. When I start it I get a Grim Reaper message. From what I can remember the only thing that changed is that I used AmiUpdate to update MUI GUI toolkit and realtime.library. And I manually copied the latest SDL library to the correct folder since AmiUpdate was unable to perform the installation. I had some USB lines in the kicklayout file that I had enabled again so at first I thought this is what is causing it. But after disabling them again it still gave me the same error. I even downloaded the latest version of A-FTP server but also that version gives me the same error.

A-FTP Server Grim Reaper message At the moment I have no idea how to resolve this. I am really sad about since I really loved the way A-FTP Server worked. I will run Snoopy to see  if I might be able to locate the problem. I also just posted on AmigaWorld to see if others might be able to help.

Friday evening and somehow I found out a bit more about the issue I have with A-FTP. For whatever reason I decided to start Jack to see if that had the same problem since it was also programmed in Hollywood and it indeed had. So it is Hollywood related. Still not found a solution but I have a bit more time now to loo into this.

Sunday morning and I got it sorted. I checked the Grim Reaper info and I found out that svgimage.hwp was causing this. This is located in the Hollywood folder in LIBS. I downloaded the plugin that contains this file and removed the current one and copied that one to the Hollywood folder and I was up and running again. One thing I really overlooked is that once a program crashes and the Grim Reaper shows it will not bring down the whole system. Before with these messages it was game over. Maybe not right away but as soon as you clicked something it was bye bye. Big improvement in OS4.1 Update 6 and really happy about this.

Time to wrap it up for this week’s column. Looking back on this week I am happy with the amount of time I was able to dedicate on my Amiga stuff. I am certainly going to keep this up as I should.

Commando - Title screen

A couple of degrees below zero on this Sunday afternoon so that can only mean one thing, Amiga! I tried for some time already but I am unable to get Commando to work on WinUAE. It crashes a while after the title screen appears. From what I remember reading on the internet it has to do with the sound. Did anyone get Commando to work on WinUAE? If so could let me know the settings you are using?

A-FTP Server

When I transfer files between my laptop and A1SE I use a FTP server on my laptop and a FTP client on my A1SE. This is how I transfer files since there is no FTP server on OS4.1. But now A-FTP Server has been released for OS4.1. My first attempt to transfer files was successful. Not only could I transfer files it also did not freeze or crash. Surely it will happen sometimes but that is just my combination of A1SE and OS4.1. I give it to thumbs up and this will be a for sure my most used utility of this year

X-AMOS output

I have had some playtime with my A1SE and OS4.1 this Sunday afternoon. For some reason XAMOS does not really work on my setup. It displays output as it should but not executing the code it was started with.

Fast forward to Saturday, still cold and lot’s of snow outside, so what better time to have another go at XAMOS. Sadly I had no time since last Sunday but with a new weekend amongst us I have some time to get XAMOS to work. It seems to freeze the whole machine when I run it. I got Snoopy running but because it freezes I can’t get the log. I guess I have to look a bit further into this.

Retro Gaming Roundup
I came across another great podcast called Retro Gaming Roundup. I am in the middle of RoundUp 55 and so far I am loving it. I have added the soundcard back into my A1SE so I got sound again. First time I heard the OS4.1 startup sound. I forgot about it but I had my boxes on when to my surprise I heard the sound. Time to play around a bit more with OS4.1 while I still have time for it.

First column of the year! I started the first day of the year really good by spending the afternoon playing with my A1SE and OS4.1 Update 6.

Retro Gaming Roundtable

Retrobits Podcast

I thought I would look for some interesting retro pod casts. Thanks to the Twitter feed of 6510.nl I learned about two new retro pod casts; Retro Gaming Roundtable and Retrobits Podcast. I would really recommend to have a look at the site of 6510.nl since it contains a lot of interesting stuff. I already listened to the last episode of each podcast and I really enjoyed it. Give it a try and let me know what you think about it.

It has been a rather busy (second of the year) week and finally I have a bit of time on this Sunday afternoon. Not that much since later this afternoon, like so many times before, we have other engagements. At least I wanted to make the first posting on my blog for 2013.

Another year has already passed and it is that time again to look back at 2012 and the new year 2013.

AmigaOne Netbook (www.amigax.com)

AmigaOne Netbook (www.amigax.com)

Last year when looking back at 2011 I was talking about the OS4.x netbook. It is the end of 2012 and no news about a possible release date or if it is even still alive. Maybe we will hear some good news in 2013. I would still purchase it if it would stay affordable.

Let me take you on journey today. A journey that will describe my perfect day. First we need to pick a day. Saturday is my perfect day and that Saturday should be in December with snow. It will be the Saturday before Christmas.

The perfect day - winter

Above you can see the view from our kitchen when looking down the street. It’s a lovely view and will get us all excited for what’s to come this day.

Merry Christmas from The Bucket Diary

After getting up on this lovely morning we will light up our Christmas tree. After making some hot coco I will fire up the Atari 2600 and play my three favourite games.





River Raid

River Raid

After playing these classics it is time to play some Amiga classics. I could name them all but there are just so many. Just picture me playing all your favourite classic Amiga games.

After all that gaming it is time for some movies. Below are my four must see Christmas movies of all time.

Home Alone 1

Home Alone 1

Home Alone 2

Home Alone 2

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day

After these great classic movies it is time to end the evening with one of my favourite Christmas memories of all time.

Dame Edna Christmas special

Dame Edna Christmas special

The Dame Edna Christmas special! What better way to end this evening.

A happy Christmas from the Bucket Diary!!!!