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The decision has been made; I am going to purchase OS4.1 for my A1SE! The main reason for this is that when I am programming some stuff does not work the way it should be and what works in one example does not in the other. I am getting some real strange results which I am contributing to the OS4 Pre-Release I am using. For example with some ReAction stuff I had to use code that is not really recommended any more to get it to work. When I follow the guideline for ReAction it just does not work and gives me the Grim Reaper. Since I was going to start with ReAction for The Bucket Programming Corner I really did not want to teach you all the incorrect ways of programming. Plus there are so many other benefits when it comes to Amiga OS4.1 and the updates. The plan is to purchase it within the next two weeks or so.

I really have to DeC myself at the moment since I started to program in Amos again. I need start thinking basic again instead of C. Work on the disk magazine is going rather slow at the moment. On top of that I also want to do a few tutorials on Amos. It is really strange but as soon as you start Amos you start getting these happy feelings from the past. Just seeing some code on the screen makes me smile. Amos still has this great nostalgic wow factor which says something about Amos. This week it is a short column but I felt like sharing my OS4.1 purchase urge. Till next time!