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One of my plans for this year was to start programming something on OS4.1 and actually finish it with the purpose if documenting every step so people could learn something from it. I tried it with the Redhouse File Manager but at the moment I am not as excited about it as I was before so I want to start with something new and exciting. I will continue with the Redhouse File Manager at some stage but for now I decided on something new. I decided to start programming, at first, a simple editor.

Amiga EditorAbove you can see the start of my Amiga Editor project. Just a simple window with the title “Amiga Editor”. I started a series of articles called “ReAction – Opening a Window” before and with three published already and one pending I decided to take them off-line and use them for this project. I will write about every step I take and provide the code and explain it as well. This will really benefit the people that want to program on OS4.x.

Amiga Editor - Window infoThe above picture shows the lines of code that will setup the window that you see in the beginning of this post. It’s not difficult to understand and even without any background info on ReAction/Intuition you somehow can make some sense out of this. The biggest hurdle will be to understand ReAction/Intuition in order to get your stuff working. Over time you will understand more parts of it and things will suddenly make sense but it can be very frustrating at times. It is not uncommon to use code in your program that you don’t fully understand but it gets the job done. But overtime you start to understand it, major ego boost, which is one of the best feelings you can have as a programmer. Next time I will discuss some snippets of code.

Earlier this week Old School Game Blog posted about the Amiga demo called Boogie Town by Ghostown & RNO. I never seen this one before and I don’t get excited much about demo’s I have not seen before but this one is really had me excited.  I really love the music from this demo and my favourite part is the 8-bit part at the end which will look familiar to you if you are a Jim Carrey fan. Besides watching the demo on your Amiga you should also watch the video (Old School Game Blog) played in front of a live audience.

Boogie Town by Ghostown & RNO

Boogie Town – 8-bit part

I sorted out the issues I had with ReAction so I am ready to start with a series of articles on how to program in C with Intuition/ReAction for Amiga OS4.x. I will break things up in small articles at first since it would otherwise take some weeks before I have it done and posted. This way I could post almost every week or even twice a week which is a much better concept.

Amiga Lore

This weekend I came across Amiga Lore which is an an updated version of abime.net’s web portal. I am still discovering  new stuff on the site after 2 days. From Amiga Lore you can jump to many other great sites. Currently I am reading some great interviews with programmers of some great Amiga games. I suggest you head over there and have a great time.

Finally I got my Amiga OS4.1 review done and posted. A sort of first impression about me getting Amiga OS4.1 installed. Earlier I already got my Run the Gauntlet review done and posted. The plan is to do some more game reviews.

Beverly Hills Cop

My next game review will be about Beverly Hills Cop. It has been a long time since I played this game. I am really curious what my take will be on this. They are good memories so let’s hope I will not be disappointed.

I got some big plans for my Bucket Programming Corner regarding programming on OS4.x. I want to start with Intuition/ReAction and expand on it. The idea is to cover as much on this as possible and make you understand it all so you can go off and create your own stuff. I talked about it before but there is so much difference between everyone doing this. I see people saying don’t do this while other people do use it. I even struggle with it myself since following the “official” guidelines (as far as they exist) result in none working code for me. Once I have fixed that I will start with the first tutorial of many. It also has been a while since I posted a new tutorial in this section. But trust me it will be worth while waiting for this.


I had to get some help from the forums and I noticed the best results are on AmigaWorld.NET. Besides AmigaWorld.NET I also go to Amigans.NET but I get quicker replies on AmigaWorld.NET. At some cases I never get a reply on my forum postings over at Amigans.NET. This clearly has to do with the amount of users on both sites. I don’t go to Amiga.org since I can’t get my user account to work. For some reason it won’t let me set it up complaining the user already exists. I used a mail address that is no longer active so I needed to have this changed s0 I did mail for help and after a really long time I got a reply back last year in February asking if I still had this issue. I did reply yes but one year further it still is not resolved and I can’t be bothered with it any more. That’s it for this week’s column. The game review is pretty much done so expect this to be posted this week already.