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Finally I got my Amiga OS4.1 review done and posted. A sort of first impression about me getting Amiga OS4.1 installed. Earlier I already got my Run the Gauntlet review done and posted. The plan is to do some more game reviews.

Beverly Hills Cop

My next game review will be about Beverly Hills Cop. It has been a long time since I played this game. I am really curious what my take will be on this. They are good memories so let’s hope I will not be disappointed.

I got some big plans for my Bucket Programming Corner regarding programming on OS4.x. I want to start with Intuition/ReAction and expand on it. The idea is to cover as much on this as possible and make you understand it all so you can go off and create your own stuff. I talked about it before but there is so much difference between everyone doing this. I see people saying don’t do this while other people do use it. I even struggle with it myself since following the “official” guidelines (as far as they exist) result in none working code for me. Once I have fixed that I will start with the first tutorial of many. It also has been a while since I posted a new tutorial in this section. But trust me it will be worth while waiting for this.


I had to get some help from the forums and I noticed the best results are on AmigaWorld.NET. Besides AmigaWorld.NET I also go to Amigans.NET but I get quicker replies on AmigaWorld.NET. At some cases I never get a reply on my forum postings over at Amigans.NET. This clearly has to do with the amount of users on both sites. I don’t go to Amiga.org since I can’t get my user account to work. For some reason it won’t let me set it up complaining the user already exists. I used a mail address that is no longer active so I needed to have this changed s0 I did mail for help and after a really long time I got a reply back last year in February asking if I still had this issue. I did reply yes but one year further it still is not resolved and I can’t be bothered with it any more. That’s it for this week’s column. The game review is pretty much done so expect this to be posted this week already.

Tuesday morning and with just a bit below 30 degrees Celsius it is not a very hot morning today. I decided I would read mpiva’s review (over at Amiga.org) about the purchase of his new Sam460ex system (ACube Systems Srl) purchased from AmigaKit. I made myself comfortable outside on the porch with a nice cup of coffee.

I had already read the first part of the review some time ago but not the rest (not everything was done at that time) so now is my chance to read all of it. I really love these reviews since they give you a review of a user about a product which is very valuable to me in case I want to purchase such product. As previously mentioned on this site here I think the price for the Sam460ex is rather high. Of course I know it is a niche market and we expect only these kinds of prices but still it is a lot of money. Being married and having other priorities like a mortgage for example I would be unable to make such investment any time soon. Would I purchase such Amiga hardware if I had the funds for it? You bet I would. I thought the comments about Amiga OS4 in the review hit the spot for me.

Another thing that would help would be the inclusion of things for the new user to play with. Remember when I said that at one point I just sat there wondering what to do next? Since AmigaOS is so small, it shouldn’t be hard to include a bunch of pictures, music, videos, etc. There should be Pictures, Audio and Video: assigned by default and they should already have a handful of files in them for the new user to play with. What about some programs that simply show off what the system can do? Remember when AmigaOS came with a Demos drawer?

And, why were there no games? For an OS who’s slogan is Remember when computing was fun?” the complete lack of included games is extremely ironic. They don’t have to be anything fancy like Freespace, just simple time-passers. I don’t think Windows Solitaire got so popular because it was amazing but simply because it was included on every person’s PC.

It should come with some extra software so once you have OS4 running for the first time and checked it a bit you can start playing with some software. Sure you can go online and get some software but would it not be great you got installer options to install additional software (programs / games / demos for example) with ease so you can play with it right away and justify the purchase to your wife? “So show me what it can do” is probably something mpiva heard. Saying “I have to download some stuff first since there is nothing on it yet” will surely get you some nice comments from your wife.

Kudos for the review mpiva.

I am really having a great time being on holiday. Only a couple of days have passed and there is still a lot of time left before it would end. So far we stayed in two hotels. In Bangkok we stayed in the Heritage Hotel Srinakarin and in Hua Hin in the Baan Pak I-Un hotel. Both hotels have free wifi which is great so I can be online and stay in touch with the home front and make sure every thing is still fine. We arrived on Wednesday and stayed in the Heritage Hotel Srinakarin and Friday we left Bangkok for Hua Hin and there we stayed in the Baan Pak I-Un hotel. Today (Sunday) we left Hua Hin again for Bangkok and now we are staying again in the Heritage Hotel Srinakarin.  The Heritage hotel is not in a tourist area which is one of the reasons we choose this hotel. It is located near some nice places we use to visit when we lived in Bangkok. A lot of travelling so far already but at least you get to places and see some nice places.  The wife is getting some rest so that gives me some time to check my mails and write this column. A nice cold beer is keeping me motivated to write about some interesting things.

I really don’t visit the Amiga portals that much any more like I use to do. There are three major Amiga portals: Amigans.net, Amigaworld.net and Amiga.org. If I would have to rank the sites they would also be in that order.

Mostly I check Amigans.net to see if there is any news or some interesting postings. There are not so many updates (both news and forum postings) which makes it easy to follow. Also I have not seen so much bitching on this site so with almost no chance of ending up reading flame war postings it is a pleasure to go to this site. Besides this site is Mikey_C’s place and being his biggest fan I naturally hang out here. 🙂

I still have the moderator status at Amigaworld.net but I don’t moderate anything any more. I rather use my precious time on reading Amiga information instead of moderating the flame war threads.

Recently I started to check Amiga.org more frequently. A long time ago they changed the site and you had to do something with your account to keep it on the new site. I never did this but since I did visit the site again and I like the blog section and maybe I wanted to leave a comment I decided to create a new account. I used my same nickname as last time but it said it was in use. I thought that maybe my old account (I could not login any more with that account) was still present so I contacted the web administrator about my problem. After some time I got a mail back asking if this problem still persists. I replied (it still was a problem) but so far no reply and this was early February. It really is a shame I did not get this resolved till this very day.

I stumbled today on a forum post at Amiga.org called What ever happened to Coder. A lot of people from the past that usually posted a lot have disappeared or are more or less just lurking around. Nice to see people still remember you and wonder what happened. Interesting was the interview with Trevor Dickinson at the Amigatronics site. I am still wondering what the price will be once the X1000 goes on sale.