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If you read one of my previous columns (Designated boot sources) you know I was stuck with getting my OS4.1 installation to work from the SIL card. That has been fixed now. I moved the SIL card to a different PCI slot and it started to boot OS4.1 again. At the time I also moved it to a different PCI slot without any effect. I am sure I did. Anyway it is up and running again which made me really happy.

First up was Update 5 that needed to be installed. The installation went really smooth but after restarting the Workbench screen was frozen with the mouse pointer stuck in the left top corner. I quickly remembered the Kicklayout file in the Kickstart folder which probably was replaced and the USB modules are being loaded again. That was indeed the case and after booting from the OS4.1 installation disc and commenting them out it worked again.

Amiga OS4.1 Update 6

Next up was Update 6 and after this was installed I changed the Kicklayout file (which was also replaced again) before restarting OS4.1 so it will work right away. New in Update 6 is AmiUpdate. Well not new since it has been around for some time but new in the sense that from now on it is the preferred mechanism for the distribution of OS updates. After starting it I was greeted with a login screen.

AmiUpdate loginTo login you can use the login details that you use for the Hyperion site to access the OS4.1 updates.

AmiUpdate updates after Update 6

After scanning for updates I was presented with some new system updates which I installed. So back up and running with the latest updates installed. I missed it. There you have it. After not playing with OS4.1 for some time and using it again I can’t express enough how much I missed it. Even when running it on my A1SE which is more unstable then a junkie at a crystal meth lab. What’s next? I am going to do some programming again and install some new stuff that has been released in the last couple of weeks if not months. You will be reading about it here at the Bucket Diary.

I was really excited for the weekend to start. Not only will it be a long weekend (a free day on Monday) but I will also have time to play with Aros. At the moment (time of writing) I have about half a weekend left. It is almost (Sunday) 2:00am  in the morning and that’s all thanks to Aros. I won’t stay up that long anymore but just do a bit (is it not always just a bit more?) more of testing before I go to bed. Currently I am burning Icaros again on a DVD and once it is done install it again. That will give me some time in between to do some writing. I got a new Aros section in which you will find my writings about my Aros experience. I have done a lot with Aros this weekend already. I can’t tell you how excited I am about it. Finally I had a spare desktop left to try it on and the more I use it the more I get excited about it. I still need to install Update 5 for OS4.1 but you know what I really have not given it much thought. All I can think about is getting Icaros installed and test it.

Two areas I am really interested in is emulation (especially games) and developing. For both I have no clue how it works which is kind of interesting. I hope it plays the old Amiga games very good and will support a USB joystick. I would really like to start developing for Aros so I am sure I am going to have a lot of fun with it. I know my current setup might not be good enough to run Aros but it will do for testing and I can always move to better hardware.

It seems Aros has made me very productive since I have written already 3 (not including this column) articles this weekend. Better yet there is still a lot more to come. The coming time I will dive into programming for Aros and even write some articles.


Worth wile mentioning is the release of episode 31 of BoingsWorld. I still need to listen to it but it will be (as always) a treat. It seems they always have it released at the exact given date. That is so not Amiga. 🙂

If you are wondering, I stayed up till about 4:15am and even at that time I had to force myself to stop.

In order to transfer files (using a wireless connection) to my A1200 I use AmiFTP on my A1200 and the FileZilla server on my Windows laptop. The problem I have is that I need more than just the standard 2 MB of memory that the A1200 has. Running the AmiTCP stack and AmiFTP requires more than just 2MB of memory. To solve this problem I add extra memory to the A1200. I have two memory boards I can use but with both I run into some problems. They both might work fine for a while but at a certain moment the A1200 will not start with them inserted. Not sure what the problem is but you can imagine it always happens at moments you really need it.

I needed a solution which I found in a little program called NCFTP. I don’t think it came with the AmiTCP stack but I actually copied it on to the hard drive. Of course using AmiFTP is easier but getting down and dirty with the CLI is a lot of fun as well. This way I will be able to transfer files to my A1200 with just the standard 2 MB of memory.

Back to the Future Part II – Title Screen

One game I wanted to review for some time already is Back to the Future II. This is one of those games that I love and hate. Today I can hate it and give it a poor score and next month I would love it and give it a high score. Unfortunately it is not running on my A1200. Not even with Relokick that places Kickstart 1.3 in memory. I could not find a WHDLoad version of Back to the Future II. There seems to be only a Back to the Future part 3 version available.

Amiga 600 – In the box

Amiga 600 – Open box

I thought I would try Back to the Future on my A600. Unfortunately it also does not run on the A600. My Relokick version did not work on my A600 so maybe with another Kickstart replacement utility I can still get it to work. If someone got it to work on their A1200 or A600 please let me know. If you know about a WHDLoad version please let me know as well. I might give it a few more tries later this coming week. I tried it today but with 35 degrees Celsius I put it on hold since it feels like a bloody oven inside and outside.


Hyperion released AmigaOS 4.1 Update 5 and I noticed that the AmigaOne SE is not on the supported hardware list anymore. I have not tried to install it myself yet but so far one A1SE user confirmed he managed to install it without any problems. So that at least is some good news. I will try to install it in the next week and of course report about it. Time to get some cold beer and sit in the shade with this hot weather.

I have to admit I have not really followed the  “First Contact” AmigaOne X1000 news a lot. I guess one of the reasons is that I won’t be getting one anyway and well I already have AmigaOne hardware to run OS4.x on. But none the less I thought it was time to check out some of the latest news about it and write about it here. At first the plan was to ship the AmigaOne X1000 to the customers together with Amiga OS4.2 but now instead of waiting for OS4.2 to be completed A-EON decided to ship it with a  special version of AmigaOS 4.1 Update 5 only for X1000 users. Hyperion announced it on there site that they would ship this and now we see some reports already from people that have received it.

Over at Old School Game Blog you can find some videos of a user unpacking his X1000 and setting it up. I am curious about the first reports on AmigaOS 4.1 Update 5 running on the X1000.

One of the things I always wanted to do, or make in this case, is creating a disk magazine. So this week I thought why not? Let’s have a crack at it and see what will come of it. It would be “old style” which means created on a classic Amiga which in this case will be my A1200. I am not sure what programming language I am going to use but it will be ACE Basic or Amos Basic. Since we are talking about Amos Basic I am also thinking of adding Amos Basic to The Bucket Programming Corner. That aside I am kind of excited about the disk magazine idea. I am no good at graphics but I will focus on the skeleton of the magazine and use some crude graphics just to get the layout done. If that would seem to work (I am pretty confident in my own abilities as you can see) I will try to found someone that can provide some good graphics. Of course it is not all about the graphics because the most important factor is the information on the disc.

Currently I am also working hard to get some new articles done and posted for The Bucket Programming Corner. Hopefully I will manage to get this done this coming week.