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Just like last week’s column I am again at my parents. Not sure if I will be able to write the whole column here but at least I will make a good head start on it. Still stored at my parents are my two Amiga SDK packages.

Amiga Software Development Kit

Two Amiga Software Development Kits

Remember when Amiga DE was the next big thing? These SDK’s would let you develop for it. The classic OS would be continued (PPC version running on yet to be released PPC hardware) and at a certain point cancelled and we would all switch to Amiga DE. It turns out that developing the classic OS further was the golden egg and Amiga DE the rotten egg. I guess being such an Amiga fan boy must have been the reason I bought two of these packages. And of course one of the packages contained the coupon with the discount for the to be released OS4. Now there’s a word, next to t-shirt, to get almost every Amiga fan jumping of his/her chair.

I was delighted to read about the AmigaOS4 Programming Seminar at AmiWest 2012. That is a seminar I really would love to attend. I hope we have some good stuff at AmiWest this year and of course a good audio and video feed. Hopefully some news regarding the netbook would announced at the show. For me this would be the next piece of Amiga hardware I would purchase. Personally I think it would be released at the end of this year or the beginning of next year. Of course I would love to be proven wrong.

I am having a hard time catching up with all the Amiga news that is coming out. New software releases for example or some show announcements like AmiWest 2012. I would love to see a weekly radio show discussing all the Amiga news from that week. Because I am on the road a lot I could just play it in the car or on my phone and don’t miss anything. And I would know what to check out once I am behind my computer and have some spare time.

I am no longer at my parents and most of the column was written at my own place. I am writing the end of it on my AmigaOne SE. It is a rainy Sunday afternoon so sitting behind my Amiga’s seems logical. If I can find a bit of time later on I will try to finish part 3 of my “ReAction – Opening a Window” tutorial. There is just a bit left to do so it should be possible. Of course I keep saying that for some time already. Time to get it done!

Because my 1084 monitor broke down I had to come up with a alternative solution to be able to keep using my A1200. The choice was to use a television set I had left over. To test it I played Commando on it. This is really a game that is unplayable unless you use a trainer version. But it did gave me a C64 feeling and with the trainer I kept trying for some time


I could not help thinking about the time I played similar games like this on a C64. I really like the top down view of these kind of war games. Here’s a list of some of my favourite top down view war games.

Ikari Warriors – Title Screen

Ikari Warriors – Starting point

Everyone has played Ikari Warriors at some stage. How about the two player mode?

Rambo III

Another favourite of mine, Rambo III. I wish they had created a game from part 1 and 2 as well.

Dogs of War – Title Screen

Dogs Of war

Another classic, Dogs of War. “TIMBO F5”, anyone?

Leatherneck – Title Screen

Leatherneck – Enemy contact

Leatherneck also has a two player mode giving you many hours of fun.

If you know some more of these kind of games let me know. There are more I can list here but that would make it a “never ending” list. We can debate for a long time if most of these games are any good at all. But for sure these are my favourite type of games.

I managed to finish and publish part 2 of “ReAction – Opening a Window”. I will start work on part 3 shortly. The weather has been extremely warm lately so I did not use my Amiga’s a lot.