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Finally I got my Amiga OS4.1 review done and posted. A sort of first impression about me getting Amiga OS4.1 installed. Earlier I already got my Run the Gauntlet review done and posted. The plan is to do some more game reviews.

Beverly Hills Cop

My next game review will be about Beverly Hills Cop. It has been a long time since I played this game. I am really curious what my take will be on this. They are good memories so let’s hope I will not be disappointed.

I got some big plans for my Bucket Programming Corner regarding programming on OS4.x. I want to start with Intuition/ReAction and expand on it. The idea is to cover as much on this as possible and make you understand it all so you can go off and create your own stuff. I talked about it before but there is so much difference between everyone doing this. I see people saying don’t do this while other people do use it. I even struggle with it myself since following the “official” guidelines (as far as they exist) result in none working code for me. Once I have fixed that I will start with the first tutorial of many. It also has been a while since I posted a new tutorial in this section. But trust me it will be worth while waiting for this.


I had to get some help from the forums and I noticed the best results are on AmigaWorld.NET. Besides AmigaWorld.NET I also go to Amigans.NET but I get quicker replies on AmigaWorld.NET. At some cases I never get a reply on my forum postings over at Amigans.NET. This clearly has to do with the amount of users on both sites. I don’t go to Amiga.org since I can’t get my user account to work. For some reason it won’t let me set it up complaining the user already exists. I used a mail address that is no longer active so I needed to have this changed s0 I did mail for help and after a really long time I got a reply back last year in February asking if I still had this issue. I did reply yes but one year further it still is not resolved and I can’t be bothered with it any more. That’s it for this week’s column. The game review is pretty much done so expect this to be posted this week already.

The biggest story of the week was the hacking of Amigans.net. From the latest news I got it should be up and running soon again with the user accounts still intact. Currently they have set up a temporary site for which you need to register. I did but I still have to receive the activation e-mail. If I have some time I will check in the Amigans.net chat room with Orgin about this. Amigans.net is my most visit Amiga site next to AmigaWorld.net. I sometimes have a quick peek at Amiga.org which seems to increase more and more these days. I don’t have a user account anymore at Amiga.org but maybe I should create one?

Currently I am looking for two items that for some reason I am unable to locate. One item is my Amos Professional manual. I am pretty sure that I packed it when we moved from Thailand to Holland. Since that time we already moved again so it might be somewhere in the unpacked boxes from the latest move. The other item is the first and only edition of the Amiga.org magazine. For this I am also pretty sure I packed it when we moved to Holland. Time to do some searching.