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The weekend has arrived and I really hoped I would have received my EasyNet PCMCIA Wireless Card from AmigaKit by now. But it has not arrived and with the time being the afternoon while normally we get packages early in the morning I have given up hope it would still arrive today. Having had all the time in the weekend to play with it I could have really maximized it’s use but I would have to wait till next weekend since during the week I would not have any time for it. While waiting for it to arrive I dreamed up all the things that suddenly would be possible. With high on Nr. 1 the ability to get access to unlimited amounts of games and write them back to a floppy disk and play all those great games. This would also allow me to write massive amounts of game reviews. One review I wanted to do was about Lethal Weapon. I saw a review in a magazine the other day which said nothing but positive things. My recollection of it was that it was not a very good game. It is just stuck in my mind that it was not very good so I want to give it a good try again to see if I still feel the same about. I might have given it a quick try back in the day and it was not just my kind of game for that moment.

Lethal Weapon Title Screen

Lethal Weapon Mission 1

Coincidently Old School Game Blog did a review about this game just when I started writing this column. I suggest you head over there and read the review.

Currently I am laying the groundwork for the new disk magazine that I am going to create in Amos. I am depending on the network card so that I can move stuff to the Amiga that I will be needing for it. But for now I can brush up my knowledge about Amos. I have Amos Basic 1.3 installed on my Amiga 1200 so I already can try out some stuff. It surely brings back some great memories. While going through my huge amount of floppy disks I noticed Hudson Hawk and it suddenly hit me that I might have confused those horrible controls with Lethal Weapon. Did Hudson Hawk not have those horrible controls? That when you moved left or right it sort of kept going even when you wanted it to stop? Like being on an icy underground. Or did I confuse it with The Blues Brothers? I will dive deeper into this once I have the time for it. Let’s hope that when I write next week’s column I have the network card and can do a nice story on it.

I really needed my own office for some of my projects and since the plans for the big office are on hold for the moment because of the cold I had use one of our rooms upstairs in to my new office. I took some negotiation with the missus but the deal was sealed with the agreement that she could decorate it. With the understanding that I could already set everything up a bit I was happy with the deal.

My new office (Predator on the A1200)

My new office (Predator on the A1200)

From the above picture you can see my AmigaOne A1SE and my Amiga 1200HD ready for action. The only thing still missing is my whiteboard which will be up once the decorating is done. One thing I did not mention yet regarding the negotiation is that I also got the go ahead to order the EasyNet PCMCIA Wireless Card from AmigaKit. I really need this so I can transfer files from and to my Amiga 1200. I decided to go for the wireless one since I don’t want get myself all worked up on how to get the network cables upstairs. Surely my wife would not allow me to start drilling holes at random (that is how it would look like) places in the house. With the approval for the card I checked the AmigaKit website and discovered it was no longer in stock. Go figure! I decided to e-mail them asking when they will be on stock again. Very quickly (always something that scores you extra points with me) I got a reply back that they have them in stock again. Yes! I just ordered the card and I am bursting with excitement.

Amiga Future Issue 94

Since I was ordering anyway why not get the (Full Colour Edition) of Amiga Future Issue 94? So that also got placed on my shopping basket. There was really no excuse not to order it.

What also happened is that I can’t stop playing Amiga games. I just had a go at (you can see it on the picture) Predator which is really addictive. This will open the door to do some game reviews which I am really looking forward to. The push to set up the Amiga 1200, and with it the office, was the disk magazine project. I will use Amos Basic for this project and currently I have Amos The Creator already installed on the hard drive. The disk magazine is a project I am really excited about. The plan is to start coding this coming week or anything else that would require me to get started. The wireless card should arrive this coming week and of course I will write about it as well as the Amiga Future magazine.

I have to admit I have not really followed the  “First Contact” AmigaOne X1000 news a lot. I guess one of the reasons is that I won’t be getting one anyway and well I already have AmigaOne hardware to run OS4.x on. But none the less I thought it was time to check out some of the latest news about it and write about it here. At first the plan was to ship the AmigaOne X1000 to the customers together with Amiga OS4.2 but now instead of waiting for OS4.2 to be completed A-EON decided to ship it with a  special version of AmigaOS 4.1 Update 5 only for X1000 users. Hyperion announced it on there site that they would ship this and now we see some reports already from people that have received it.

Over at Old School Game Blog you can find some videos of a user unpacking his X1000 and setting it up. I am curious about the first reports on AmigaOS 4.1 Update 5 running on the X1000.

One of the things I always wanted to do, or make in this case, is creating a disk magazine. So this week I thought why not? Let’s have a crack at it and see what will come of it. It would be “old style” which means created on a classic Amiga which in this case will be my A1200. I am not sure what programming language I am going to use but it will be ACE Basic or Amos Basic. Since we are talking about Amos Basic I am also thinking of adding Amos Basic to The Bucket Programming Corner. That aside I am kind of excited about the disk magazine idea. I am no good at graphics but I will focus on the skeleton of the magazine and use some crude graphics just to get the layout done. If that would seem to work (I am pretty confident in my own abilities as you can see) I will try to found someone that can provide some good graphics. Of course it is not all about the graphics because the most important factor is the information on the disc.

Currently I am also working hard to get some new articles done and posted for The Bucket Programming Corner. Hopefully I will manage to get this done this coming week.