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I really enjoyed the interview with Petro Tyschtschenko in BoingsWorld episode 34. A lot of interesting stories from Petro and better yet he is working on a book about his work at Commodore. He hopes he can release it in April next year. This is a must have book. The stuff you will read in there will just blow you away.


Pietro Ghizzoni (owner of the Amos Pro sources) has released the Amos Pro sources into the public domain. The sources can be (direct link) downloaded here. By now they should also be available on Aminet. For Amos fans, me included, it is a great moment to look at the sources. It is written in 68k assembler and using the classic hardware a lot. For a nostalgic trip I probably reserve some time to browse through the sources.

It is that time of the year again. What I am talking about? Christmas of course. We just had our Christmas tree delivered this morning. Normally we pick it up ourselves with the car but with our new Mini that was just not possible. Not only would it not fit but I would also not put it in the car if it would fit. There is no way I will mess up the car. It was also really cheap to have it delivered. You just have to find the right seller.

Till today we had some nice snow which makes everything look really great. Not only that it makes you want to do Amiga stuff because of the nostalgic feelings it brings back. Sadly it started to rain late last evening and even now it is poring. But I am sure we will have some cold and snowy weather again soon. With some hot coco playing classic Amiga games and browse through other stuff as well. What better way to go through the Christmas period.

I ran into another (as it would seem) issue with Aros regarding the pen colour. You might have read about the issue with the syntax highlight regarding Annotate and C programming and I got the feeling it effects everything. I was playing around with Amiga Guide files and when I set the pen colour the text colour remains the same. That got me really worried. It would be a real issue for me if it effects everything. I am hoping it was my poorly coding attempt at tackling Amiga Guide files but I am afraid it is not. Hopefully I will find out soon if it is me or Aros.