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Back to the Future Part II

This game is on my top list of games to review for some time already. I remember it as a game that did not really impress me. But since I could not remember it very well after the first level I might be proven wrong. Also I watched the movies recently so I feel like pretty excited about the game and it might change my opinion about it. I had the first level demo of the game before it was released and I played it a lot. I was frustrated by the controls and also it was a really long level doing the same routine. I really did not like hovering with the skateboard (from now on called hoverboard) and hitting your opponents and picking up stuff. Maybe because I played the demo too much? Time to find out. On to the review Marty!

Back to the Future II – Level 1

With 5 levels to finish we are starting with level 1 having to guide Marty on his hoverboard through the streets. Just as I remembered the controls are not pleasant and after a short while I started to dislike this level. The memories are coming back and having to do the same routine forever (it certainly feels like this) I can’t help thing when will this level end? First time players might still feel good about it for some time longer but soon they also will realize it’s the same routine over and over again. Will level 2 be better? Let’s find out.

Back to the Future II – Level 2

In level 2 we have to get Jennifer out of the house. The controls had me confused and I had to consult the manual. You have to open the doors so she can move around but all the other occupants in the house will start moving. It is a sort of puzzle and sadly not the last one. Level 1 suddenly seems so much better. All in all a really poor level. It surely does not look promising and I am wondering what level 3 will hold.

Back to the Future II – Level 3

In level 3 the objective is to battle your way through Hill Valley and reach the DeLorean. This is a really difficult level since often you have a lot of bad guys coming at you at the same time and due to the limited options you have you won’t be able to get rid of them all. I find this a boring beat em up level. At least it is not that long as level 1 and I got to see Strickland. Actually this seems to be the best level so far which says a lot about the game. On the level 4!

Back to the Future II – Level 4

Level 4 is a puzzle game which makes me think about Terminator 2 which also had such a puzzle game like this. I don’t like these kind of puzzle games. Maybe I just don’t have the patience for it. So far this is the worse level of the game. Time to play the last level.

Back to the Future II – Level 5

Great Scott! Level 5 is just like level 1. The objective is to stop Biff giving the sports almanac to his younger self. Same shit different level. At this stage you can’t help yourself thinking “Why would I still try to finish it?”

For me the game is really disappointing. For me level 3, the simple beat em up game, is the best level of the game. I do enjoy the music but who does not like the theme song of Back to the Future? Unfortunately the music is not going to make up for the rest.

Below you can see some ratings from various magazines from Hall of Light.

Back to the Future II reviews – Hall of Light

Now comes the part of rating the game. After playing it for the review I won’t play it for a long time to come. I won’t class it as a one time play since I surely will play it again at some time in the future. But I am pretty close to classing it as a one time play. I am sure for the people that play it for the first time might give it a few more attempts. Being such a big fan of the movies I wish they made a better game than this. Personally I feel that a game that carries a movie title should adopt itself to the movie. What you see in the movie is what you have to do in the game also. That clearly is not the case with Back to the Future II. That alone will cost you points in my book. On to the verdict.

The Bucket Diary gives it a rating of (great Scott) 20%.

It’s Thursday evening October the 11th and my holiday has officially started. And what a great start it had. First I had Pink Floyd playing money on the radio on my drive home and when I checked my mail I had a mail from the company with which I placed the order for the Competition Pro USB joystick and considered a no go telling me they will ship it today. Weeks have passed without any response so I already considered it a loss.

Competition Pro USB

That means I can start doing some game reviews which I am really looking forward to. First up is the long awaited Back to the Future 2.

Back to the Future Part II – Title Screen

I think I will do part 3 after I have done part 2. I am really curious if it will work on my Aros desktop. I am pretty sure it will. The only problem might be that the emulation would not be that fast. But I love to be surprised so we will see. Time to enjoy my long awaited holiday.

With only 4 more working days my holiday 2012 is just around the corner. It starts on Friday the 12th of October and will last till Monday the 5th of November. But it gets even better. This weekend I will have the place to myself. My wife is on a business trip to France leaving me behind for the weekend. I can do whatever I want without any complaining. As long as I get the house in mint condition again on Monday.

Back to the Future Trilogy

So what’s the plan? Movies, watching a lot of movies. Topping the list is the Back to the Future Trilogy. That’s going to be some great fun. Currently the plan for this is this Saturday night doing all three in a row. But before that there is plenty of time to do Amiga stuff. This weekend without any Amiga stuff is just not right.

I am pretty sure that after watching the Back to the Future Trilogy I am going to be excited even more to review Back to the Future 2. But for that I need a joystick and unfortunately the order I placed some time ago is still pending. With no response from the online store I have to consider this a lost cause. I will go to the bank to claim the money back that I wired. This coming week I will purchase a joystick so that when my holiday starts I can review Back to the Future 2 and plenty of other games as well. Getting ready for the big movie event of the evening.

Not only has Aros made me write and post more articles in a short period (weekend) of time but it also made me spend more time on forums since a long time. The place to go when it comes to Aros and forums is Aros Exec.


It has proven to be  very helpful when I was setting up Aros on my desktop machine. Always quck and helpful replies which is what you need when you are in a bit of a pickle.

One part I am really keen on trying is emulation. I want to play the old Amiga games on Aros through emulation and also use a joystick. Since USB is not an issue (A1SE owner, remember? 🙂 ) I should be able to use a USB joystick and have some fun. I use Janus-UAE for emulation but there is also AmiBridge that offers a lot of integration. I have not really checked it out but since I just wanted to play Amiga games without too much bells and whistles I decided to use Janes-UAE and do only a few settings to start playing those games. AmiBridge actually works together with Janus-UAE.

Back to the Future 2 on Aros

I started with Back to the Future II and I was amazed how good it actually ran considering my outdated 2004 hardware I am using. Next up I will try to source a USB joystick to complete the experience. If it all works I have a great way of reviewing some more Amiga games.

The Aros Archives

A good place to look for software is The Aros Archives.

The Vague 2

I was surprised to see The Vague 2 (The Vague 1 is of course also there) on The Aros Archives. There’s a lot more and on this Sunday afternoon I know what I will be doing.

Back to the Future Part II – Title Screen

Unfortunately I still did not get Back to the Future II to run on either my A1200 or A600. I guess my best bet would be a Kickstart replacement utility on my A600. Sadly my 1084 monitor died otherwise I would have used my A500 who for sure will run this game.

The Running Man – Title screen

I remember how desperately I wanted to play The Running Man after seeing the movie. Sadly the second disk had a read/write error. I am pretty sure you don’t even get to start playing without inserting the second disk first. I am thinking of giving this game a try soon to see if I missed out or that the read/write error on the second disk was a blessing.

The Running Man – It’s showtime!!

I remember this quote from the movie. Richard Dawson (playing Damon Killian) died not so long ago.

FileZilla Server

In my previous column I talked about NCFTP which I started to use since with only 2 megabyte of memory I was unable to run AmiFTP. It is working really great and it is actually a lot of fun working from the CLI. I use FileZilla Server on my laptop to provide a FTP connection to my A1200.


Behind me is a desk with a spare desktop ready to be used for Aros. I am really excited to start playing around with Aros. I am going to use the Icaros Desktop which I briefly tested before. I really want to try Aros to the fullest. One area I am really interested in is the emulation. I am curious if and how I run old games and software. Plenty of stuff to write about if you ask me. Time to get started with Aros.

In order to transfer files (using a wireless connection) to my A1200 I use AmiFTP on my A1200 and the FileZilla server on my Windows laptop. The problem I have is that I need more than just the standard 2 MB of memory that the A1200 has. Running the AmiTCP stack and AmiFTP requires more than just 2MB of memory. To solve this problem I add extra memory to the A1200. I have two memory boards I can use but with both I run into some problems. They both might work fine for a while but at a certain moment the A1200 will not start with them inserted. Not sure what the problem is but you can imagine it always happens at moments you really need it.

I needed a solution which I found in a little program called NCFTP. I don’t think it came with the AmiTCP stack but I actually copied it on to the hard drive. Of course using AmiFTP is easier but getting down and dirty with the CLI is a lot of fun as well. This way I will be able to transfer files to my A1200 with just the standard 2 MB of memory.

Back to the Future Part II – Title Screen

One game I wanted to review for some time already is Back to the Future II. This is one of those games that I love and hate. Today I can hate it and give it a poor score and next month I would love it and give it a high score. Unfortunately it is not running on my A1200. Not even with Relokick that places Kickstart 1.3 in memory. I could not find a WHDLoad version of Back to the Future II. There seems to be only a Back to the Future part 3 version available.

Amiga 600 – In the box

Amiga 600 – Open box

I thought I would try Back to the Future on my A600. Unfortunately it also does not run on the A600. My Relokick version did not work on my A600 so maybe with another Kickstart replacement utility I can still get it to work. If someone got it to work on their A1200 or A600 please let me know. If you know about a WHDLoad version please let me know as well. I might give it a few more tries later this coming week. I tried it today but with 35 degrees Celsius I put it on hold since it feels like a bloody oven inside and outside.


Hyperion released AmigaOS 4.1 Update 5 and I noticed that the AmigaOne SE is not on the supported hardware list anymore. I have not tried to install it myself yet but so far one A1SE user confirmed he managed to install it without any problems. So that at least is some good news. I will try to install it in the next week and of course report about it. Time to get some cold beer and sit in the shade with this hot weather.

After writing about ACE Basic in the previous column and that I would like to do some tutorials about it I decided to start anyway without waiting if there is any interest for it. At the moment the first one is already done and posted and more will follow. Next up is a new C tutorial which I am planning to post this week. Since I focussed on the programming tutorials the past week my work on the Redhouse File Manager has been reduced to zero. I hope to start doing some more work on it the coming weeks but also get more tutorials out. Another great surprise is that I finally found that demo I was looking for. The search was long but finally I found it which made my weekend.



A site that you should visit is Amiga Magazine Rack which contains scans of several Amiga magazines. Besides that there is also information on the cover disks that came with the magazines and in some cases you can also download them. From all the cover disks I had I remember two games vividly that had a demo version on those disks that I played a lot. Those two games are Back to the Future II and Flood. I downloaded the Amiga Power 33 (Jan 1994) cover disk that contained the Terminator 2 (The Arcade Game) demo.


Amiga Power33 (Jan 1994) cover disk


Terminator 2 (Arcade Game) demo


The site is certainly a time killer as there is so much to explore. It seems my Sunday afternoon is booked.