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Project Tina

I don’t visit the Amiga forums a lot, or almost not, but I was happy I did this weekend otherwise I would have not know about project Tina. What is project Tina?

NatamiIt seems that the Natami project is dead or shelved if you read the Amiga forums. And from the ashes so to speak we have project Tina that has stepped up to fill the empty gap left by Natami. It aims at recreating and improving the Amiga architecture and technology. A super Amiga with a 68020 CPU more powerfull than any existing 68060 processor. Their goal is to have a complete implementation of the Amiga 500 and/or Amiga 1200 by the use of powerful FPGA’s. One of the targets is to maintain full backward compatibility (Amiga 500) but at the same time offer an improvement over it’s technology.

At the moment it is all early stage. At the moment it exists on just paper and there is no actual board. I love projects like this and I will keep a close eye on it. I have already signed up on the forums to get to know a bit more about it. It would seem there is a company behind the project so that might be hopeful as they would like to see if move forward.

It has been a few weeks since I wrote anything for the blog or even did some programming. I ended up with a cold and also traveled a lot in the evenings. My wife’s mother is paying us a visit so we of course have to take trips.

Mastering Amiga C

With the “Mastering Amiga C” book came also a disk. Unfortunately my book came without the disk. Currently I am on the look for this disk just so I can see what was on there and what I missed.

You can still find info on all the Amiga books from Bruce Smith. Looking further I found out that Bruce Smith is still writing. I was amazed to find out he started Dabs which now is a big on-line retailer of electronic goods. Before this they sold computer books and software especially for the BBC Micro. When they stopped doing this he started Bruce Smith Books. Something new learned today!