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Dunkin Donuts

Nothing beats a trip to Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. Sadly we don’t have them here in Holland. In Thailand we had them on almost every corner. I miss going to them and doing my work there. Sitting there with my iPAQ and foldaway keyboard getting some of my best work done and the ideas would just pour out like a waterfall. I must admit that I would get a lot more done and come up with great ideas if I would just be able to sit in one, preferable both, of them. The reason I had to think about Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts is my wife’s latest gift for me. It’s the book “Poor Your Heart into It” from Howard Schultz about Starbucks. Great book and while I still need to read a lot of it I am already loving it.

Poor Your Heart Into It

The other day I had to think about CrossDOS? Remember CrossDOS? It enabled me to exchange files with my PC MS-DOS friends using 720KB (yes people; floppy disks that can store a whopping 720KB of data) floppy disks. CrossDOS came with Amiga OS 2.1 which is the Amiga OS version I had with my Amiga 600HD. This way I was able to exchange the Soundtracker modules with my PC MS-DOS friends. Besides this I also exchanged technical and programming text files. Remember the 8.3 rule for the file name? MS-DOS all the way! 🙂 At a later stage I was also able to transfer games that I downloaded to my A600HD and A1200 and write them back to a floppy disk and play it on my Amiga’s. Of course you had to split the file since the adf file was too big to fit on a 720KB floppy disk. But it was worth the hassle and it enabled me access to a bigger library of games. It certainly brought some fond memories back thinking about the CrossDOS period.

Since I am following the NatAmi news I also got curious about Aros68K. Is it possible to run it on my classic Amiga? So I posted this question on Aros Exec to get some response. At first it seemed I would need to use a floppy disk for this but you don’t. Just get some files over to your Amiga’s hard drive and you can boot it. That made me even more curious so I am going to give this a try. My goal is to finally release the first (not counting the introduction article) programming article for my The Bucket Programming Corner this weekend. I am also working on the next article for the Amiga in the Attic section. This is also scheduled for this weekend or early next week. Lot’s of things to do so I better get started.

We arrived back in Holland and are trying to adjust ourselves again to the Dutch way of living. It was a great holiday and we had a lot of fun. Instead of taking the train from Lampang to Bangkok on Tuesday evening (read about it in Last post from Thailand) we took the plane on Wednesday morning to Bangkok. I am happy we had to use the plane since it is so much faster and it leaves you with extra time for other things. Of course it is more expensive but it was worth the extra cost. As always we plan to pack early but it never happens. On Tuesday evening we got back from the city around 9:00 pm. I wanted to take the car out for one last ride and also enjoy (still a day in Bangkok but just to be sure) a Singha beer one more time

And it tasted really good that last (I drank some other brand in Bangkok for the last day) Singha beer. We managed to pack (well I say we but in fact my wife did and does always the packing) all the stuff and go to sleep around midnight. With so much stuff, things we left behind and the loads of gifts, I was afraid we would be over the weight limit. This was true as we found out the next day checking the bags in at the local Airport in Lampang. By becoming a member on the spot (for free) you could carry another 10 kilo on board. We had some heavy stuff with us for my wife’s brother in Bangkok and when we got that out we had no problems at the airport in Bangkok when we checked in our bags. We arrived in Bangkok at the end of the morning and after checking into our hotel we went out to the big mall Seacon Square. Since we have no Dunkin Donuts in Holland I wanted to enjoy this in Thailand while we still could. And enjoying it I did.

Dunkin Donuts

We arrived in Amsterdam around 7:40 pm yesterday (Thursday) after which we still had to drive another two hours to my mom and dad’s place. We would stay the night there and drive to our home the next (Friday) day. Lucky enough I still have the weekend ahead of me before I have to go back to work on Monday. One thing I really miss already is the Thai (street) food. Lucky enough my wife is a really great cook and can create some really amazing Thai dishes.

Currently I am also writing a new article related to MorhpOS. I will post it this weekend. I also will try to start writing a first article in a series of many regarding programming on the Amiga. That brings us to the question about the Phreeboard (read about it in Last post from Thailand). I really wanted to bring it back home but that would mean making some sacrifices. I really could not leave it behind so it is here in Holland. I had to leave some of my beloved stuff behind which I intended to bring back. Part of the so called “cut list” are my Amos books and some other computer related books. Mastering Amiga Amos and the Amos Professional User Guide got left behind. I will bring this back with me on the next trip. Now it is time to get acquainted yet again with MorphOS. This is going to be a journey I am really going to enjoy and love.