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When scrolling through my Facebook news feed I noticed that
AmigaOS 4.1 Update 6 was released. But at the same time I read this was announced by mistake. After going to the forums it seems it was put back on again. Apparently someone released it by mistake. I am still running with Update 4 so I would have to install Update 5 first before I can install Update 6. Besides that I need to put my A1SE back together first since I took the graphics card and sound card to use in my desktop for Aros. But since I use VirtualBox on my Acer laptop for Aros I can put the components back in the A1SE.

BoingsWorldBoingsWorld episode 34 is also out. Always on time like promised and this time with Petro Tyschtschenko as guest. Sadly I did not see Ernie and Locke on the credits for this episode. I really hope they return in the next episode. I can’t wait to listen to episode 34.

ACube Systems

Another great bit of news is that apparently MorphOS will run on the Sam460ex board. Suddenly such a board becomes an attractive piece of hardware. The fact that you can run both OS4.x and MorphOS kind of justifies the purchase of the board. No longer would you have to invest in two machines if you want both worlds. Even better, it will also run Aros.

Currently I am also working on an article about X-AMOS. Giving it a bit of a try to see if it is something you can work with. Another article I am working on involves games and their great memories. Plenty of stuff in the pipeline and let’s hope I find the time to get it done.


I can´t believe I forgot to talk about it in last weeks column. I realized after posting it that I completely forgot about it while I really wanted to talk about it. What? BoingsWorld! BoingsWorld is a podcast about the Amiga. Since it is in German it is not for everyone. At least not for the people that don´t understand German. Luckily I understand German so I can really enjoy the show. I have to say they seem to get some really great guests on their show and the interviews are at least one hour and not getting dull at all. The format of the show is really good. The show is presented by Marcus Neervoort and Martin. I searched but I could not find Martin´s surname. I would love to hear from you people what his surname is. For me the German language makes everything sound really nice. So listening to both Marcus and Martin is a pleasure. I really like the language and country and that for a Dutchman.

Ernie und Locke

A new segment in the show is Ernie & Locke. It is not a long segment they have but I really like it. They talk about any random Amiga or Atari (at least that is the impression I get) related topic. It is funny and brings back a lot of memories.

I finished the new episode (30) already and it was a great one. The guest this time was Pascal Papara and boy did he had some interesting stuff to tell. Pascal created AEROS which is a hybrid distribution of AROS and Linux (at the moment Debian 6.0 is used) available for ARM and x86 systems. Soon I should have a spare machine available for this and I am going to try this out. I will keep you all posted.