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The work on my Redhouse Editor project is in full swing. I can’t a remember a time I did so much work on a project and enjoyed it so much. The last week or so I worked on the menu part for which I had to overcome some issues. If you program you understand how great it feels when you find problems that prevent your program doing the things you want it to do. For me the menu selection did not do what it suppose to do. It took me a bit to find the root cause but finding it made up for all the frustration when I could not find it. I can’t wait to work some more on it. And since it is a rainy and cold Sunday I will be doing just that.


It was on the telly earlier this week and now I can’t get it out of my head. I need to play this game. From what I remember I always got stuck in the museum. Let’s see if I can finish it and have a lot of fun.


AmiDARK is already on my list of things to try for some time. AmiDARK is a project from Frederic Cordier. Unfortunately he has put the project on hold for the moment due to personal reasons. But there is a version out there to try and that is exactly what I am going to do. It will be interesting to give it a try and of course write about it.