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If you read one of my previous columns (Designated boot sources) you know I was stuck with getting my OS4.1 installation to work from the SIL card. That has been fixed now. I moved the SIL card to a different PCI slot and it started to boot OS4.1 again. At the time I also moved it to a different PCI slot without any effect. I am sure I did. Anyway it is up and running again which made me really happy.

First up was Update 5 that needed to be installed. The installation went really smooth but after restarting the Workbench screen was frozen with the mouse pointer stuck in the left top corner. I quickly remembered the Kicklayout file in the Kickstart folder which probably was replaced and the USB modules are being loaded again. That was indeed the case and after booting from the OS4.1 installation disc and commenting them out it worked again.

Amiga OS4.1 Update 6

Next up was Update 6 and after this was installed I changed the Kicklayout file (which was also replaced again) before restarting OS4.1 so it will work right away. New in Update 6 is AmiUpdate. Well not new since it has been around for some time but new in the sense that from now on it is the preferred mechanism for the distribution of OS updates. After starting it I was greeted with a login screen.

AmiUpdate loginTo login you can use the login details that you use for the Hyperion site to access the OS4.1 updates.

AmiUpdate updates after Update 6

After scanning for updates I was presented with some new system updates which I installed. So back up and running with the latest updates installed. I missed it. There you have it. After not playing with OS4.1 for some time and using it again I can’t express enough how much I missed it. Even when running it on my A1SE which is more unstable then a junkie at a crystal meth lab. What’s next? I am going to do some programming again and install some new stuff that has been released in the last couple of weeks if not months. You will be reading about it here at the Bucket Diary.

I have to admit I have not really followed the  “First Contact” AmigaOne X1000 news a lot. I guess one of the reasons is that I won’t be getting one anyway and well I already have AmigaOne hardware to run OS4.x on. But none the less I thought it was time to check out some of the latest news about it and write about it here. At first the plan was to ship the AmigaOne X1000 to the customers together with Amiga OS4.2 but now instead of waiting for OS4.2 to be completed A-EON decided to ship it with a  special version of AmigaOS 4.1 Update 5 only for X1000 users. Hyperion announced it on there site that they would ship this and now we see some reports already from people that have received it.

Over at Old School Game Blog you can find some videos of a user unpacking his X1000 and setting it up. I am curious about the first reports on AmigaOS 4.1 Update 5 running on the X1000.

One of the things I always wanted to do, or make in this case, is creating a disk magazine. So this week I thought why not? Let’s have a crack at it and see what will come of it. It would be “old style” which means created on a classic Amiga which in this case will be my A1200. I am not sure what programming language I am going to use but it will be ACE Basic or Amos Basic. Since we are talking about Amos Basic I am also thinking of adding Amos Basic to The Bucket Programming Corner. That aside I am kind of excited about the disk magazine idea. I am no good at graphics but I will focus on the skeleton of the magazine and use some crude graphics just to get the layout done. If that would seem to work (I am pretty confident in my own abilities as you can see) I will try to found someone that can provide some good graphics. Of course it is not all about the graphics because the most important factor is the information on the disc.

Currently I am also working hard to get some new articles done and posted for The Bucket Programming Corner. Hopefully I will manage to get this done this coming week.



I was thinking about calling it the Bucket Monthly instead of the Bucket Weekly. Just kidding of course. Lately most of my time went in to the next article for The Bucket Programming Corner. I am pushing for a release this weekend. Besides that I am about to start on my next programming project. I thought it would be a good idea to also write about the progress of it here on my blog. Not just writing about the status but also dig a bit into the concepts and show some code with explanations.

This weekend is really exciting since AmiWest 2011 is happening. Usually good for some new exciting news and announcements. At the time of writing we have the below news items already.

– First Contact : AmigaOne X1000 Limited Edition
– Hyperion launches official AmigaOS website

For the X1000 limited edition the prices start from: £1699, USD $2682.56 (excluding AmigaOS4 license, shipping, handling and sales tax). That is a bit on the pricey side to say the least. It would be around the 2000 Euro and on top of that you will have the OS4 license, shipping, handling and sales tax. The hardware specifications: “The First Contact system includes the official AmigaOne X1000 Boing Ball case in either black or white and includes the Nemo rev 2.1 motherboard complete with 1GB of DDR2 RAM, a Radeon HD4650 graphics card, 500GB HDD,DVR R/W optical drive, Audio & Ethernet cards.” The price of it will certainly make it a dream only, including me, for a lot of Amiga fans. It is a fact that Amiga hardware will be more expensive compared to other PC hardware. But don’t forget we have cheaper hardware as well. Surely we will see some heated discussions about the price of the hardware.

I really love the new AmigaOS site that was launched by Hyperion. This was really needed especially for new people on the block or long lost Amiga fans having a peek at what we are doing now.

There was also some news about OS4.1 and Timberwolf earlier this week. You can read some more about this over at OldSchoolGameBlog. For updates on AmiWest you should visit the AmiWest Weblog.

One of the “forgotten” heroes of the latest Amiga history is without any doubt Alan Redhouse. Maybe not to some but certainly to me. Without Alan I would not be able to use my AmigaOne SE together with Amiga OS4.x. Being manager at Eyetech Group Ltd, of Stokesley, U.K. he truly kept the Amiga as we know it today alive. While Amiga Inc. focussed on their AmigaDE concept Eyetech and Hyperion set out to create hardware and software that would morph the classic line into the new future. This was presented by Amiga Inc. as something that would eventually morph into AmigaDE. How obvious it all is now looking back that Amiga OS4.x and the PPC hardware from Eyetech (continued by new companies now) would be the golden combination and that AmigaDE would be nothing but a bad memory.

Alan Redhouse

Picture from Amiga History

I had the pleasure to see Alan speak in public at the Amiga Benelux Show 2001 (Rotterdam – Holland) about the new AmigaOne. What a great day that was. Together with my dad we made the trip and had a wonderful time.

Alan Redhouse at the Amiga Benelux Show 2001

My dad (in the middle with the white shirt) at the Amiga Benelux Show 2001

Pictures from Obligement

Everyone remembers the clashes on the forums about the AmigaOne and the Pegasos. I am not talking about normal discussions but deep rooted hate against each other. The fact is that this has always been the case after Commodore fell apart and the rise of the internet. Even today battles are being fought out on the forums. Enough said about that. I have to admit the A1SE is a bit buggy but it does the job for me. Most of the crashes I contribute to the Pre-release version of OS4 I am running. Also I install a lot of software that might have problems with the Pre-release version or are in fact buggy themselves. I think I will make the switch when OS4.2 is released. That would be the time for me to upgrade my OS4 and hopefully have a more stable environment.

According to Ben Hermans from Hyperion Entertainment Alan is currently retired and lives in France. I really hope Alan looks back at the whole AmigaOne episode as something great and that there are still people out there that have not forgotten about him nor all his work he has done for the Amiga community. Without Alan we would not have had today’s thriving Amiga scene. Alan is a true hero in my book. Thanks and cheers Alan.