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One thing that could drive you crazy when playing games on several floppy disks was all that swapping of the disks. So having an external floppy disk drive was for many a gift from heaven. It also was such a great gift when copying floppy disks. And copying we did. The program I used the most for copying disks was X-Copy.

X-Copy for the Amiga

I bought my external disk drive in October 1992 for the sum of 169,95 guilders. At the time a lot of money especially when you consider I was still going to school. But I earned some money working in my free time.

Receipt showing it was bought in October 1992

Warranty card

Front cover of the manual

I bought the Golden Image Master 3A-1 manufactured by Jin Tech Electronics Corp. from Taiwan. I used it together with my Amiga 500. Unfortunately it does not work any more. It has been a long time since I tried it for the last time. Once I have my Amiga 500 up and running again I will perform some tests with the drive.

Top view of the drive

Bottom view of the drive

Front view of the drive

Back view of the drive

I do miss the days of the floppy disks. Having this huge collection of floppy disks and somehow trying to archive it all. At first the floppy disks still had a really expensive price tag. I still paid around 80 Dutch guilders for 10 pieces of TDK or Sony floppy disks. Later it changed to around 40 Dutch guilders for the good brand. It changed when the white label floppy disks came out which had a price tag from at first 10 Dutch guilders to later under the 5 Dutch guilders. I still have all my floppy disk boxes stuffed full with floppy disks. 880Kb on one floppy disk.