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When scrolling through my Facebook news feed I noticed that
AmigaOS 4.1 Update 6 was released. But at the same time I read this was announced by mistake. After going to the forums it seems it was put back on again. Apparently someone released it by mistake. I am still running with Update 4 so I would have to install Update 5 first before I can install Update 6. Besides that I need to put my A1SE back together first since I took the graphics card and sound card to use in my desktop for Aros. But since I use VirtualBox on my Acer laptop for Aros I can put the components back in the A1SE.

BoingsWorldBoingsWorld episode 34 is also out. Always on time like promised and this time with Petro Tyschtschenko as guest. Sadly I did not see Ernie and Locke on the credits for this episode. I really hope they return in the next episode. I can’t wait to listen to episode 34.

ACube Systems

Another great bit of news is that apparently MorphOS will run on the Sam460ex board. Suddenly such a board becomes an attractive piece of hardware. The fact that you can run both OS4.x and MorphOS kind of justifies the purchase of the board. No longer would you have to invest in two machines if you want both worlds. Even better, it will also run Aros.

Currently I am also working on an article about X-AMOS. Giving it a bit of a try to see if it is something you can work with. Another article I am working on involves games and their great memories. Plenty of stuff in the pipeline and let’s hope I find the time to get it done.

I am having a blast with my holiday. Sadly I only have about one week left. The time you have to do things and especially regarding Amiga stuff is just amazing. I got to write a lot so far and played endlessly classic Amiga games.

But currently most of my time is going in to Aros. Especially programming for it is getting a lot f my attention. I am still trying to get MUI experienced. 🙂 If you read some of my other Aros postings you know that I love the fact that it runs on cheap hardware. This is a deciding factor for me and for many others I guess in these times. I just don’t have the money to purchase OS4.x hardware and even if I saved up for it (that would take some time if possible) I could not justify this to the home front. Based on  the purchase price for hardware you could line up the three OS’s as follow: Aros, MorphOS and OS4.x. I would love to be able to run all three to get some comparison done. So far I can with Aros and OS4.x but I would love to add MorphOS to it. I hope I could buy some cheap hardware next year to run MorphOS. I guess my best bet is a Mac Mini.

With Aros also becoming available for all SAM hardware one wonders what this will stir up. In the Amiga world cooperation and friendliness don’t really work as can be seen from the past. Aros is really (I know it has been there for some time already) getting some momentum at the moment. It is maturing, runs on several platforms and not to mention on cheap hardware. But now it is making it’s appearance on OS4.x PPC hardware and I cannot help thinking what will happen between those two “camps”. Sure no one will buy SAM hardware to just run Aros but having the ability to do so is a big plus. I can’t help thinking that the legality of Aros will be put up for discussion. You just know there will be trouble. It will be curious to see when the first signs surface and till what extend this will be pursued.

I am currently working on a series of articles under the topic “After the collapse”. These are articles about the collapse of Commodore. The build up to it and what happened after the liquidation. This will bring back some memories to us Amiga fans. I probably have the first article posted this coming week.

One of the perks of the new house was having my own computer room. My very own geek room and off limits for any girly stuff. My computer room in the other house had pink flower wall paper. Courtesy of my wife the decorator. I should have known something was up when my wife just needed to store some knitting stuff for just a short while. I should have been more suspicious when I wanted to buy a laptop and my wife made no objection and even encouraged it. Now I know why since I have a laptop I can sit anywhere in the house and work and don’t really need to be in my computer room. Being the darling she is I don’t have to move out right now and I can still use it and leave my stuff there for a month or so before it is turned into her hobby room. It was fun while it lasted. So now I am on the look for a new place. I was planning on taking one of the rooms upstairs but they don’t really appeal to me to be used as a geek room. But I have found the perfect place for my new geek room. I am going to create a geek room in the garage and it is going to be wonderful. The car can fit in the first part and the last part will be used for the room. A wall is separating the room from the first part and it will have a door that (very important) can be locked. It is going to be my office, relax room, geek room and so much more.

All kidding aside, I am really looking forward to getting the “office” ready. The current computer room is nothing compared to this one. There is really not much space but the new one will have plenty of space. I can actually line up all my classic Amiga’s next to each other and even have a workbench for testing equipment or building systems. I hope to have it done soon but with all the work still left in the house and some other commitments it could take some time before it is ready. At least I am motivated to get it done as soon as possible. I do fear that once it is done my wife would want to have this room since it would look really great. That’s (married) life. 🙂

On a more technical note I still did not manage to get my Pegasos Phreeboard to work. I will give it a few more tries and if it still fails I will put it on hold for just a short time till I get my computer room done so I can do some more extensive testing. I need the components so I can run my A1SE again so I can do some programming. I did say it before already but if I can’t get it working I will get some new hardware so I can run MorphOS.



Finally I started to have a go at testing out my Pegasos Phreeboard last Saturday (14-5-2011) after bringing it back from Thailand. I still had the components I used with the board in the past. They reside in my A1SE so they are known to work. After connecting all the components I had no display after switching it on. I tried a different graphics card, memory and even a cmos battery. Till now I tried it all but I just can’t get a display. I even hooked it up with a different machine to get a serial debug output but I don’t get any output on the other machine. This could be due to the serial cable as I found it somewhere in a left over bag.

Unpacking the Pegasos Phreeboard (part 1)

Unpacking the Pegasos Phreeboard (part 2)

Unpacking the Pegasos Phreeboard (part 3)

Testing my Pegasos Phreeboard but so far no luck with getting a display

I might pick up a new serial cable to see if I still can get a output to determine the cause of the problem. I certainly will give it some more time to see if I can get it working. If I would be unable to get it to work I would not just leave it as it as. I will have a look into some new hardware so I can run MorphOS. Fingers crossed….

My second week of work after the holiday has already ended and suddenly the lack of time is back. I was unable to release a column last week due to not having enough time. The bit of time I did have I used to write for my The Bucket Programming Corner section. I should be able to publish the first tutorial (introduction) this weekend. I still need to test my Pegasos Phreeboard to see if it still works. I got this planned for this weekend. No excuses just get it done attitude is what I need for this. I will borrow the A1SE components for this so that I can confirm it still works. If it does I can go hunting for the components needed to get my Pegasos Phreeboard running again.

Lately I read a lot about the NatAmi project. I recommend reading “Natami: The Testing of the MX Board” at Oldschoolgameblog. I could not help thinking how Amos might get a second life so to speak on the NatAmi. It certainly would be my choice to play with Amos on the NatAmi if I had such a board of course. If they could get the price to be really attractive (read cheap) I am sure demand would surpass supply. My guess is that the price would be between the 500 and 1000 Euro.

It took a good 4 months but finally ART episode 49 – That Windows Guy has been released. Paul Thurrott was the guest on the show. I just hope the next episode will not take that long like this one to be released. I loved the show and it was great to hear Paul Thurrott talk about his Amiga experience. Rich Lawrence comments on the episode at the Amiga Roundtable section of the AmiZed Studios website. Would be nice to see some NatAmi attention on the show in the form of having some key people of the project on the show.

For the last two weeks or so I visit MorphZone frequent. I am trying to brush up my MorphOS knowledge since I missed out on a lot after being away for such a long time. What I really love is that you can test the latest MorphOS version before buying it. It will slow down after 30 minutes until you reboot. This will give you the opportunity to test it before you purchase it. The cost for MorphOS is 111.11 Euros. If my Phreeboard works I would purchase the latest MorphOS first before I would go for Os4.1 or higher.

A bit of a short column for this week but I will compensate it with one or two articles that I will release this weekend.

I really wanted to bring the Phreeboard back with me to Holland so I could set it up and get acquainted with MorphOS yet again. Which is exactly what I did and now it is here with me in Holland. I am really happy I brought it with me. Since I was unable to test it in Thailand I don’t know if it still works. I just have the board and CPU module so I would require some additional components. I know for sure that the GFX card and memory from my A1SE work with this board. I used them before in the past when I was using the board. But since I want to run both systems I would require to source some extra components. I might use the components from the A1SE quickly to test if the board still works.

I will report about my progress of getting it all back together here on my blog. Besides the needed components I will also catch up with all the new things related to MorphOS. And the best site for that is MorphZone. I already looked and asked there for information (if the new MorphOS will work on the Phreeboard) and the response was very good. It even got me more excited to get it all back up and running.

We arrived back in Holland and are trying to adjust ourselves again to the Dutch way of living. It was a great holiday and we had a lot of fun. Instead of taking the train from Lampang to Bangkok on Tuesday evening (read about it in Last post from Thailand) we took the plane on Wednesday morning to Bangkok. I am happy we had to use the plane since it is so much faster and it leaves you with extra time for other things. Of course it is more expensive but it was worth the extra cost. As always we plan to pack early but it never happens. On Tuesday evening we got back from the city around 9:00 pm. I wanted to take the car out for one last ride and also enjoy (still a day in Bangkok but just to be sure) a Singha beer one more time

And it tasted really good that last (I drank some other brand in Bangkok for the last day) Singha beer. We managed to pack (well I say we but in fact my wife did and does always the packing) all the stuff and go to sleep around midnight. With so much stuff, things we left behind and the loads of gifts, I was afraid we would be over the weight limit. This was true as we found out the next day checking the bags in at the local Airport in Lampang. By becoming a member on the spot (for free) you could carry another 10 kilo on board. We had some heavy stuff with us for my wife’s brother in Bangkok and when we got that out we had no problems at the airport in Bangkok when we checked in our bags. We arrived in Bangkok at the end of the morning and after checking into our hotel we went out to the big mall Seacon Square. Since we have no Dunkin Donuts in Holland I wanted to enjoy this in Thailand while we still could. And enjoying it I did.

Dunkin Donuts

We arrived in Amsterdam around 7:40 pm yesterday (Thursday) after which we still had to drive another two hours to my mom and dad’s place. We would stay the night there and drive to our home the next (Friday) day. Lucky enough I still have the weekend ahead of me before I have to go back to work on Monday. One thing I really miss already is the Thai (street) food. Lucky enough my wife is a really great cook and can create some really amazing Thai dishes.

Currently I am also writing a new article related to MorhpOS. I will post it this weekend. I also will try to start writing a first article in a series of many regarding programming on the Amiga. That brings us to the question about the Phreeboard (read about it in Last post from Thailand). I really wanted to bring it back home but that would mean making some sacrifices. I really could not leave it behind so it is here in Holland. I had to leave some of my beloved stuff behind which I intended to bring back. Part of the so called “cut list” are my Amos books and some other computer related books. Mastering Amiga Amos and the Amos Professional User Guide got left behind. I will bring this back with me on the next trip. Now it is time to get acquainted yet again with MorphOS. This is going to be a journey I am really going to enjoy and love.

If you read my blog you know about all the great “treasures” I found back in Thailand. But there is one I have not talked about so far. The biggest treasure I still have here in Thailand is my Pegasos Phreeboard. I located it on Saturday (still in mint condition) and ever since I opened the box that day I can’t stop thinking about it. I want to work with MorphOS really badly.

I left the Phreeboard back in Thailand when we moved to Holland in 2005. I was going to get it at a later stage but due to my work I had barely any time working with it. The same goes for OS4 which I have not used as much as I wanted to. But being on holiday and away from work you got time to evaluate things. I want to free up more time for OS4 and MorphOS. First I wanted to know if the latest MorphOS version works on the Phreeboard and it does. So the question arises should I take the board back home to Holland? I would have to purchase some additional items like a case, graphics card, memory and a hard drive. But at least I would have it in Holland at first. The problem is that we are already fully packed so there is not really any room for it. If it goes something needs to be sacrificed. I think this is going to be a last minute decision tomorrow when we are going to pack the bags. At first we planned on going back by train (12 hours) to Bangkok on Tuesday evening and although we called to check if there was place on the train which was confirmed we got a big NO when we arrived at the station on Sunday to book them. We should have booked them much earlier but that is just how my wife and I work. We can’t be bothered so much and we always just do things at the last moment. Another problem presented itself today when we called the hotel for a room and we got told there was no room. At least that is not such a big problem because we just booked another hotel online this afternoon. Instead of the train we will go back by airplane on Wednesday morning. It is not a direct flight anymore so we stop somewhere else first but it will take about 2 hours to get to Bangkok including the stop in between. Of course going by plane will add to the cost of the holiday but what can you do? Both of us think we kept waiting this long on purpose so we had no choice but to go by airplane. On Thursday afternoon at 12:30pm we will fly back to Holland which will be the end of our holiday. I can’t think of anything worse than our holiday ending and going back home. Oh yes I can, going back to work next week Monday.

Decision time tomorrow on whether the board will got or not. I think I would to be really nice to my wife tomorrow and even longer. I am sure it would cost me something if it goes with us. We will find out tomorrow.

The first signs showed Friday and yesterday it was confirmed; I have a cold. Since I don’t want to offend both my parents I tried both their suggestions for a cold. First I tried my dad’s suggestion; a glass of whiskey. Next up was my mom’s; some hot tea with some honey in there. I still feel the same so I most likely would have to repeat those steps a few more times.

In one of my other postings I talked about having 3G so I can browse the net and collect my e-mail. Although I was really happy about it at first I now have come to the conclusion the connection is utter crap. First of all I knew the 3G would not work since we live to remote so we would use 2G. But the speed is so slow it is really unusable. At most times I can’t load any page at all. I made my peace with it since I can collect my e-mail so we can stay in touch with the home front. And I can post on my blog which does require me to keep out my anger and frustration. I look at it as a small investment for in the future. So when we are here in the future the speed will have improved and even 3G might be a possibility. According to the phone company this will happen.

I decided to write some programming articles for the Amiga which I will post here on my blog. I was planning on doing this before but I never really got around doing it. Besides this I will also write some technical articles related to the Amiga and the operating system. I just see very little information regarding programming on the Amiga. There are a few attempts but it never really continues. At first it would be programming in C on OS4. There might be some interest for this and for some people it might be that push to start programming on the Amiga.

I have not come across something like this before but I would love to see a list of blogs related to the Amiga. This can be anything from OS4, classic OS / hardware, Natami or MorphOS. Even for Twitter or Facebook pages. Maybe I will try to setup such a list myself.