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Something new I wanted to try for the The Bucket Weekly; a diary about my activities. After all my blog is called The Bucket Diary.

Monday 15-8-2011

I did plan to sit behind my A1SE and do a bit of programming. Sadly that did not happen due to lack of time. I did manage to gather a bit of programming info and put it together so I can print it later. I prefer reading paper instead of sitting behind a computer and read it on a screen. It suits me better with difficult cases since I can concentrate better with paper. Or is it just that I browse the internet instead of reading the programming info when using a computer? Reading Fire in the Valley certainly boosts my creative side again.

Fire in the Valley - The Making of the Personal Computer

Tuesday 16-8-2011

I was looking for it already (during the move things just get misplaced) but I finally found some backups back that contain some nice pictures and I also discovered some writings that I wrote years ago. I still need to go through it but some of it are reviews of my A1Se and also the Pre-Release of OS4. I will go through it and publish some of it (if it is suitable) here on my blog.

Wednesday 17-8-2011

After work we took a trip to the sea to enjoy the nice view and the sunset. We came back around 11:00pm which left me with no time to do anything but to prepare for bed. I had a really fantastic evening at the beach. Something we certainly will do again soon.

Thursday 18-8-2011

Today I picked up my new car. * YEAH! * I dropped by my parents and ended up talking with my dad about the day we bought the Amiga 500. I also found some old invoices from Amiga stuff I bought which are going to help me with future articles for my Amiga in the Attic section. To sum it up it was a very good day indeed.

Friday 19-8-2011

The day before the weekend! Friday evenings after work should be relaxing which is exactly what happened.

Saturday 20-8-2011

What was set out to be a productive week regarding my programming has ended in the completeĀ opposite. This week I did made some visits to the #amigans and #amigaworld chat rooms. Actually I am there right now when I am writing this. I really should visit more often since it is a great way of getting the latest news and stay in touch with fellow Amigans. This evening I read the North & South review on Old School Game Blog. That brought back some pleasant memories.