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If you read my previous article you know I had a problem with running OWB. If I start it I will get a distorted screen. I decided to install AEROS to see how OWB would behave and of course I was really curious about this Aros system as well. AEROS is a hybrid distribution of AROS and Linux (in the moment debian 6.0 is used) available for ARM and x86 systems. AEROS will run hosted under Linux. Basically getting a lift from Linux. For this Aros version you will need some Linux knowledge when it comes to setting up the partitions. Pascal Papara did say in his interview with BoingsWorld that this would be simplified in the future. It is a work in progress so we will see a lot of improvements. Once I had it installed I tried OWB which started just fine. Since that started just fine I wanted to do new clean install of Icaros. To be honest I prefer Icaros above AEROS but AEROS also has it advantages. Since it runs hosted on Linux you will have a better support of  your hardware.

This time the Icaros live DVD starts without any problems. I have the hard drive and DVD drive together on IDE port 2 which is different than before which might explain why it boots without any problems. It seems I spoke to soon since after I created the two partitions and rebooted and continued with the formatting and installing it give me also a distorted screen. This was right after I select to have the partitions formatted. Maybe it is the graphics card? Anyway I will start in the safe mode and continue with the installation. If after a new installation OWB still fails I might pick up a new graphics card on Monday.

It seems I made some progress since after the installation I select to boot with “Icaros Desktop (16M colour vesa graphics)” I can get OWB to start just fine. But if I start with “Icaros Desktop” it will not start OWB. Even if I set the resolution the same as “Icaros Desktop (16M colour vesa graphics)” which is 1280×1024.

Icaros OWB distorted view

The above picture shows how it looks. Earlier this afternoon I had to leave it as it is since we had a BBQ party but of course the minute I returned (did I actually drank less to be sober to continue or am I imagining this?) I fired it up again to see how to fix it. I sort had given up since it does work in that one start option “Icaros Desktop (16M colour vesa graphics)” but you still want to investigate if it can still be resolved. And I got it resolved so that I can start as “Icaros desktop” and get OWB to work even if the resolution is 1024×768. Thanks to the good help of magorium over at Aros Exec who provided me with the solution. That just really makes my day. I am already really excited about Aros but it just keeps getting better and better all the time.



I can´t believe I forgot to talk about it in last weeks column. I realized after posting it that I completely forgot about it while I really wanted to talk about it. What? BoingsWorld! BoingsWorld is a podcast about the Amiga. Since it is in German it is not for everyone. At least not for the people that don´t understand German. Luckily I understand German so I can really enjoy the show. I have to say they seem to get some really great guests on their show and the interviews are at least one hour and not getting dull at all. The format of the show is really good. The show is presented by Marcus Neervoort and Martin. I searched but I could not find Martin´s surname. I would love to hear from you people what his surname is. For me the German language makes everything sound really nice. So listening to both Marcus and Martin is a pleasure. I really like the language and country and that for a Dutchman.

Ernie und Locke

A new segment in the show is Ernie & Locke. It is not a long segment they have but I really like it. They talk about any random Amiga or Atari (at least that is the impression I get) related topic. It is funny and brings back a lot of memories.

I finished the new episode (30) already and it was a great one. The guest this time was Pascal Papara and boy did he had some interesting stuff to tell. Pascal created AEROS which is a hybrid distribution of AROS and Linux (at the moment Debian 6.0 is used) available for ARM and x86 systems. Soon I should have a spare machine available for this and I am going to try this out. I will keep you all posted.