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Monday evening so I thought I better start writing a bit since usually I manage to start writing something on a Monday evening but the rest of the week I get nothing done. I thought it might be a nice idea to keep a daily log on Amiga activities. This would also push me to work a bit on Amiga stuff each day. But I already know this week won’t be such a week I could do that so I will put it in ice for the moment.

Rambo III - Title Screen

I am looking for a game that I can use for my next game review. I think I will pick Rambo III for this. Not so long ago I had a bit of a go at it and I enjoyed it. It might be some time before I actually have the time to sit down and play and review it but I certainly will. This is really my type of game. I remember being a bit jealous of the C64 since it had a lot of these games. The top view walk around war games in which you shoot and blast your way through enemy territory.

I get most of my Amiga news from other blogs. I subscribe to their RSS feed so I won’t miss anything. I don’t visit the Amiga forums that much anymore. I also follow some Facebook pages with Amiga information. I thought that creating a Facebook page for The Bucket Diary would be a great addition. It will give me the opportunity to share other blog postings and upload some great Amiga pictures. If you are on Facebook just check out The Bucket Diary Facebook page.

Platoon - Title screen

Platoon - Starting point

I am pretty sure that I played Platoon first on the C64 before on the Amiga. I just gave it another try and just like I remembered it is a really difficult game. Getting shot after a few steps each time is a big show stopper. I don’t remember if it was also difficult when playing the C64 version. I am happy to hear your thoughts on this.

I got some really good memories about this game. I was really determined to finish this game and tried I did. After a lot of tries I finally managed to finish the game. It can be really difficult at times especially in the second part. But the good thing is that you can hide somewhere just to think about your next move. I like games in which you can just stop somewhere thinking about what to do next without getting killed.

Just like Back to the Future II this game was high on my to do list of games to review. The game is divided in 3 scenes with scene 1 having 3 sub parts and scene 2 has 2 sub parts. The game actually follows the story of the movie which (you can read later on) is really helpful. Let’s get 007 started with his mission.

Licence to Kill – Scene 1 part 1

In scene 1 part 1 you have to control the helicopter and make sure you do not get hit and fire back at the buildings. At the end you have to drop off James so scene 1 part 2 can start. This is a fairly easy part building up your confidence for the next part.

Licence to Kill – Scene 1 part 2

For me scene 1 part 2 is the most difficult part of the game. But since you can hide behind objects you have time to think. What I don’t like about this part is the way you use the gun. Aiming it to the correct position will almost every time fire a bullet. If you are aiming it (fire button and the controls) and at the same time you let go of the fire button and move into a direction it will not fire a bullet. But the risk is that you are in the firing line and will get hit. It’s not ruining this part for me but it surely is annoying. This part of the game is my favourite part of the game. I guess the reason for this is that my favourite type of games are games that have this kind of layout and play. Like for example Ikari Warriors, Dogs of War and Rambo 3 to name a few. I always got the feeling the C64 had more of these kind games compared to the Amiga.

You have to get your self through all the baddies and make it to the helicopter in which Felix is waiting for you. You can shoot at the oil barrels which will blow up after 4 hits. This will allow you to take out your components. Of course shooting them directly will only cost you 1 bullet. Along the way you can pick up new magazines to make sure you won’t run out of bullets. If you move forward to shooting thugs they will run away making it easier for you to shoot them. If you play this part for a while you know their routines and it will be easier to get through to the end. Once we reach the runway we have a few thugs to take care of before we can enter the helicopter and go to part 3.

Licence to Kill – Scene 1 part 3

For me it was unclear what I have to do in this part of the game. It is clear that you somehow need to “catch” the plane. That’s why I love games that follow the movie since if you watch the movie you know the plane is being hooked at the tail. And indeed once you hover over the tail of the plane you can see the indicator and when you press the fire button you will hook the tail of the plane. On to scene 2 part 1 007.

License to Kill Scene 2 part 1 (JPG)

License to Kill – Scene 2 part 1

Scene two has two parts but it is a continues play. For this scene I also consulted the movie which just gets you extra points with me. Once you kill one of the divers (while avoiding getting hit by them or by the boats) you get his harpoon which you shoot at the plane so you can tail behind it. And that is exactly what I did and at first I thought I had to do that for a while till I reach a certain point. But time passed and nothing happened till I consulted the movie and saw that 007 actually climbed in the plane.

Licence to Kill – Scene 2 part 2

Back playing the game I noticed I was able to move in on the plane till I could enter it and end this part of the game. Of course I still had to move around the obstacles while trying to enter the plane. Once we accomplish this we are going to the very last scene of the game.

Licence to Kill – Scene 3 dropping 007 on to the truck

First we need to drop 007 on to the truck. This part is not that difficult. Scene 1 part (hooking the plane) is more difficult.

Licence to Kill – Scene 3 destroying other trucks

Once you take control of the truck you have to destroy several other trucks till you reach the last one controlled by Sanchez. Once you destroy that truck you have finished the game. You have to be careful since there are Jeeps driving around firing Stinger missiles at you. It’s not easy to accomplish this last part of the game. I remember that great feeling when I finished the game.

Below you can see some ratings from various magazines from Hall of Light.

Licence to Kill reviews – Hall of Light

License to Kill will always be on my top list of Amiga games. This is really my kind of game and of course it does carry a lot of sentimental baggage. Between the 3 James Bond games on the Amiga; Licence to Kill, Live and let Die and The spy who love me I give the award for best Amiga Bond game to License to Kill. To me it outshines the other two by miles. For me the sentimental value certainly adds some points for the score but even leaving that out it still would score rather good on my list.

The problem with reviews is that you get a lot of different opinions. What is great for one is rather disappointing for someone else. I have seen people loving and hating this game. This game certainly will bring you some Friday or Saturday evening fun. I have kept playing it over the years and I will still do this in the years to come. I would give it a rating of 93% if I add the sentimental feeling I have about it to it. But I will also rate it without.

The Bucket Diary gives it a rating of 87%.

Because my 1084 monitor broke down I had to come up with a alternative solution to be able to keep using my A1200. The choice was to use a television set I had left over. To test it I played Commando on it. This is really a game that is unplayable unless you use a trainer version. But it did gave me a C64 feeling and with the trainer I kept trying for some time


I could not help thinking about the time I played similar games like this on a C64. I really like the top down view of these kind of war games. Here’s a list of some of my favourite top down view war games.

Ikari Warriors – Title Screen

Ikari Warriors – Starting point

Everyone has played Ikari Warriors at some stage. How about the two player mode?

Rambo III

Another favourite of mine, Rambo III. I wish they had created a game from part 1 and 2 as well.

Dogs of War – Title Screen

Dogs Of war

Another classic, Dogs of War. “TIMBO F5”, anyone?

Leatherneck – Title Screen

Leatherneck – Enemy contact

Leatherneck also has a two player mode giving you many hours of fun.

If you know some more of these kind of games let me know. There are more I can list here but that would make it a “never ending” list. We can debate for a long time if most of these games are any good at all. But for sure these are my favourite type of games.

I managed to finish and publish part 2 of “ReAction – Opening a Window”. I will start work on part 3 shortly. The weather has been extremely warm lately so I did not use my Amiga’s a lot.

I am a retro game fan and having to admit that today’s games are visually stunning they don’t get me as ecstatic as the old games. Of course we wanted better graphics back in the day but also the playability of those current games. It seems we lost the playability. At least in my book. Take for example games like Ikari Warriors, Dogs Of War and Rambo III. Games to keep you busy and give you a lot of fun on a rainy day. Do you notice the character in the screenshot of Ikari Warriors looks more like John Rambo than the character in the screenshot of Rambo III? Both Ikari Warriors and Dogs Of War are also great when playing with two people.

Ikari Warriors

Dogs Of war

Rambo III

(Pictures are taken from Hall Of Light)

Enough about existing games. How about games you would have loved seeing on the Amiga but never existed? For me this means films turned into a game for the Amiga. If you ask me at this very moment which films I would love to see turn in to a game for the Amiga I would have to say..

First Blood

First Blood

War Games

War Games

Remember I talked in the beginning about me being a great fan of retro games and not the modern type games? Well I talked about that for a reason of course. If I would turn those two films into a game I would do it “retro game” style. No modern style version of it but the way it would have been if it was made in the Eighties or early Nineties. How’s that for a concept? I would love to start on this myself. My problem with game design is that I am no graphics artist and even my drawing of a stick men looks terrible. So if I would try this I would have to team up with others to get this project started. Maybe there are others out there with the same ideas on this and it actually might happen in the future? Who knows.