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I am catching up on Amiga news to see what I have missed during my moving period. I noticed Amiga Roundtable had 3 new shows released since the “Burnt Banana Bread” show. Just finished the last one which featured Trevor Dickinson from A-Eon Technology. Trevor seems to be a nice bloke and very passionate about what he is doing. I hope we will see the Amiga Roundtable shows on a regular basis.

If I was going to buy new Amiga I think I would purchase a SAM board first due to the price. Don’t get me wrong I would love to have the AmigaOne X1000 but at the moment money is more important. Maybe by the time I want to purchase a new Amiga money is no longer a problem. But at the moment I am still happy with my A1SE. Unbelievable, eh?

I saw OWB 3.30 was released for OS4.x. I was already happy with the improvement of the previous version so I can’t wait to try this new version. Nice to see we are finally getting some movement in the browser department. I tried NetSurf 2.5 also some time ago but it crashed sometimes. Just checked if there was a newer version out but it is still on version 2.5.

The other interesting bit is a Rebol 3 test version that is running on OS4. I gave Rebol a try back in the days but I left it alone for reasons I can’t really recall. I even purchased one of the first books that came out. Of course it has matured more over the years and the fact that it will run on OS4 makes it worth while to give it a try again. I wonder if there is going to be some sort of beta testing group for this? I sure would like to be on that.

Wednesday the latest I should have the Amiga up and running again. The computer room should be pretty much done by the end of tomorrow with a little bit of small work on Wednesday. At least it is going to look great.