The subject says it all about my new project; what it is and what the name is. For some time already I am thinking about what my next project should be. I started on a file manager project some months ago but stopped with it after running into some issues with ReAction. I got that stuck I just left it for what it was. But after reading Trixie’s articles about how to proper use ReAction over at OS4Coding I got a burst of new energy to attack ReAction again. When trying to come up with a new project I kept coming back to the file manager and since I got a better understanding of ReAction thanks to Trixie I concluded to give it another try. Why the name Redhouse? I tribute to Alan Redhouse because without him I would not be programming on OS4 or even having this blog.

DiskMaster has always been my favourite file manager. Even now on OS4 I still use it a lot. I always wanted to develop a file manager myself which is now actually going to happen. I am going to provide regular updates about the progress of it but that is not all. I will also show how I do certain things which means I will also show some programming code and explain it. If there is demand for it I might actually go into great details but at first I will do a sort of global explanation. I have to say that I have no clue on how to put it all together but that is also the fun of it. Learning along the way and getting others to experience the same. I will also create the file manager my way which means I might not follow the “correct” way of handling such a project. Planning everything on paper first before even writing a single line of code is not for me. When you follow my articles you will see what I mean. Let the fun begin!