With a new DVD drive sourced I was ready to install Icaros. I managed to boot the DVD but once I tried to create the partitions and have them formatted (as part of the installation process) it presented me with an error. The exact error message has slipped my mind. But after trying to change some setting in the bios regarding the optical drive it actually did not boot into the desktop at all anymore. It started to hang on the optical drive part and it looked like it was not responding. I thought I would boot with only the optical drive connected and indeed it booted. Connecting the HD back it started to hang again and by accident I discovered that pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL made it continue and boot the desktop. I actually wanted to reset the PC which turned out to be a great move. After I installed Icaros I removed the optical drive and it boots just fine. This has nothing to do with Icaros but with my desktop machine I am using which is very unstable. Just today it suddenly refused to boot and when I plugged it into IDE port 2 it did boot again. For now it will do just fine as a testing machine and who knows I might put down some money for new hardware that will run Icaros without any problems.

So that’s all the problems you had? Not really. First up it became clear that the on-board SIS graphics card would not work. Unless I preferred a C64 look for my desktop. I wanted to continue and not having to wait a couple of days before I would be able to source a new graphics card. So I decided to take the ATI Radeon 7000 from my A1SE and use it for Icaros. I could always pickup a new graphics card for Icaros at a later time. The Radeon card works just fine and presented me with a nice looking desktop.

Next up was the networking part. After figuring out what driver to select I got it to work. For a moment I was worried it would not support my on-board LAN card which would have signaled the end of my Icaros testing. First check was to connect to my FTP server running on my Acer laptop using MarranoFTP. This worked just fine and I will try to see if I can move really large files over the network. Might not seem like a big issue but when you run OS4.1 on a A1SE this is the kind of thing that matters.

Sound is also important and I kind of figured the on-board sound card would not be supported. After trying some settings it was clear that this was the case. Since I was stripping my A1Se anyway I decided to get the SoundBlaster card from it and use that for Icaros. When I wanted to set and test in in AHI prefs I got the error message “no emu10kx data for unit 0”. With my A1SE experience I calm and cool and just moved it in another PCI slot. After trying to set and test it and click play a test sound it froze the system. Still calm and cool I moved it to another PCI slot and it worked just fine when playing a test sound. Next up it was time to play some mp3 files and it also gave me the opportunity to test the network by moving a 250MB zip file full of mp3 files. Again this might not seem like a big deal but for A1Se owners it is. Getting 250MB of data over the network is impossible on that machine so getting it done with Icaros on old hardware would put a big smile on my face. And there it is that big smile. Pumping data like there is no tomorrow without even a single glitch or a complete freeze. Even unpacking that big zip file was fast and problem free. I still need to tweak a bit with the settings since when I play the mp3 files it does give me a poor sound quality.

I did encounter a few freezes when testing various settings of the system. But like I said I am using  a desktop machine that is about 10 years old and ended up being a spare one due to being unstable and unreliable. But for seeing what Aros can do it is ok enough. Currently I have one major issue left and that is OWB. When I start it I get a distorted screen and so far I have not been able to resolve this. I have posted about this on the forum so I hope someone can give me a solution.