Commodore International filed for liquidation to protect it from its creditors at 4:10PM on April 29th 1994. The end of a great era. In the “After the collapse” series I talk about the time leading up to the liquidation and after it. A bit of history and a personal touch for some heart touching reading. Today I talk about the build up to the liquidation.

Amiga Magazine July August 1994

While going through my Dutch Amiga Magazines (called Amiga Magazine) which was the source of info for me at that time I noticed that in the July / August there was a small column of text talking about Commodore filing for liquidation. Strangely enough there was no mention of the liquidation in the May / June edition while it was already known at that time. You got to remember at the time the information flow was not like today when news is available for everyone everywhere 10 seconds after it was announced. Kind of hard to believe but for us oldies not really since we experienced it first hand. The Amiga Magazine wondered in that small news item why it could come to this while the A1200 and CD32 sold like hot cakes. They thought it could have been the PC line (and being the die hard Amiga fan at the time that sounded just about right. They wondered if it was the end of the Amiga to which they replied; probably not. Commodore kept their offices in the UK, Germany and Holland open. Furthermore it talks about the fact they are talking with someone for a take over. In the rumour mill the names of some Asian companies are floating around. It also reports that further new news items will be posted on their (Amiga Magazine) BBS which just got launched and is the main topic in that issue.

Over at you can download all the Dutch Amiga Magazines.

If I am correct it was not this magazine in which I read/heard about the liquidation of Commodore for the first time. From what I remember it was the Dutch Amos Magazine in which I read about this for the first time. I will try to locate that magazine again to confirm. It is somewhere in the house and sooner or later it should turn up. The Dutch Amos Magazine was the brainchild of Jurgen Valks. I remember there was just one line talking about the liquidation of Commodore. If I remember correctly he was in the UK for a Amos show and he was doing a write up about it and at the end of it it said something like; oh yeah and Commodore is bankrupt.

At the time I was not really worried at all. I contribute this also to the positive reporting by the magazines. Amiga was just to big to fail and maybe a new owner would provide more chances regarding investments leading to new products. Maybe it was even for the best that Commodore would disappear since they failed to understand the Amiga. What happened after that is material enough to write for years. Next time I will talk about the events at Commodore before the liquidation.