Home Alone - Title screenLet’s face it, you can only play/review this game around Christmas. Playing the game at any other time of the year just doesn’t feel right. So this time I wanted to be sure I review it before Christmas.

Home Alone - Settings trapsThe goal of the game is to set the traps before Harry and Marv enter the house. You can collect the objects by pressing F1 and to place them you press F3 when you see the indicator *here*. Try to place as many traps as you can before it is 9:00pm. If you are done before that you can press N.

Home Alone - I'm Ready!Once Harry and Marv are in the house you must lure them into the traps. They will not always trip the traps. Mostly they will trip them when they are near or chasing Kevin. On top of the screen you will have a tick or more next to Harry and Marv which represents 5 points. Both need 50 points of damage for you to win the game.

Home Alone - The chase

Home Alone - You've won!!!!!I remember when I played it for the first time I was full of excitement. Sadly it soon became clear that setting the traps and have Harry and Marv trip them is it. Sure that was the great part of the movie but the way the game presents it is rather dull. The graphics are not of the best quality to put it mildly. Still I play it once a year around Christmas. Especially after watching Home Alone (only the first two movies count) again.

Below you can see some ratings from various magazines from Hall of Light.

Home Alone reviews – Hall of LightTime to give it a rating. I played it again and every year around Christmas it does give you that nostalgic feeling. Still it is a poorly designed game and it could have been done so much better. I am sure that just like me a lot of people would still play it again after seeing Home Alone. But just once till probably the next year. That return to playing it every year and the fact that I love Home Alone 1+2 does give it some extra credit. Maybe that even counts for most of the rating.

The Bucket Diary gives it a rating of 32%.